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Use of Marijuana Said to Reduce Deaths From Painkillers by Almost 25 Percent

from The Daily Bell:

Prescription Painkiller Deaths Fall Almost 25% in Medical Marijuana States … A study that recently appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows a significant decrease in opiate overdoses in states that have adopted and implemented medical marijuana laws compared to states that have not. The authors showed that although opiate overdoses rose in states without medical marijuana laws during 2009-2010, they dropped by approximately 25 percent in states with medical marijuana laws during that same period. While these data cannot show a causal relationship between the passage of medical marijuana laws and a decrease in opiate overdoses, they are consistent what medical marijuana patients have been saying for years, that they are consciously choosing medical cannabis over pharmaceutical drugs. –

Dominant Social Theme: Big Pharma has the answers and there is no need to ingest a dangerous drug like cannabis.

Free-Market Analysis: How quickly times change. Yesterday, marijuana was a criminal offense virtually the world over. Today, research is finding that those who ingest it lessen their dependence on prescription painkillers and thus, apparently, are not so subject to their potential deadly effects.

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