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UPDATE: ALERT — New Silver Fix Price Determined By 00.08% of LBMA Transfers!!

[Ed. Note: Here’s the skinny as Bix broke it down for us in July: The Criminal Conspiracy to FIX Silver & Gold]

by Bix Weir, Road To Roota:

Ok. So it was only the first day of the JOKE of a benchmark the “London Silver Price” but already the data is trickling out.

Thompson Reuters says: “Volumes stood at 525,000 ounces on sell side and 325,000 ounces on the buy side.”

Huh?? 525,000 ounce on the sell side and 325,000 ounces on the buy side? ARE THEY KIDDING???

The AVERAGE daily volume on the LBMA is the following: Net = 140,000,000 ounces transferred PER DAY!!! Gross = 420,000,000+ ounces transferred PER DAY!!!

So that means that the “London Silver Price” is determined by 3 banks that traded 00.08% of the average daily LBMA Silver volume!!! (325,000/420,000,000)

The latest silver con is being exposed very quickly: New LBMA”Silver Price” Still Not Transparent

Stay tuned as the World discovers they’ve been had all these years!

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13 comments to UPDATE: ALERT — New Silver Fix Price Determined By 00.08% of LBMA Transfers!!

  • WillyT

    Oh nice to see nothing has changed, the new fix starts off with a raid. Smile and bend over ya’ll, now doesn’t that feel wonderful. Nice to see that this new fix is as reputable as the old one. The true price mechanism of the free markets. It’s all fair folks. Move along now.

  • Eric

    Will this affect the coins I’ve already taken delivery of?

    I hope something happens to snap the sheeple out of their drunken stupor soon. If they get any dumber, I may have to go live with the bears.

  • Tom Aumeg

    Bix, you can always record the same material in a video. The recording is their intellectual property, but the ideas are yours.

    Sean, on the 5 trillion question, I don’t know who is hammering you and how, but where you leave yourself open is because there is a disparity between how hard you push it, and how little you’ve researched it. All I ever hear is a repetition of the number, but as with today’s conversation with Bix, he did not even concur that it had to be the right number, only allowing for the possibility. This takes hard some hard work, but there is a lot that can be done to substantiate your point, or refute it. Confirmation of the number, sources, and comparisons with physical and paper trading of other key metals, such as platinum and palladium. Does silver truly stand out, alone among the others?

  • Sam

    Silver Fix before today = Silver Fix after today

    Uhmmm…Apparently, supply has yet to become a factor for the fantasy price scheme to falter 🙂

    • SilverDeathCult

      I know today’s not the day to be trolling but forget Supply man….what about Demand? It appears only the most hardcore Silverbugs are buying at these prices and nobody else is giving it a second look. Demand for bullion is crashing through the floor. Premiums are the lowest they’ve been in years. We might have to ride this thing down to $10 and hold for years to make back to $40 when the masses start paying attention again. Oh well, Keep Calm and Stack On my Friend…

  • johns

    “3 banks”.
    There were 3 before, lost 1 and left 2.
    Found 1, along with 2, now have 3.

    Welcome to the “New Fix”

    • SGT

      and HSBC is one of them. The number one most criminal, drug money laundering bank om earth. But don’t worry, you can trust em when it comes to “pricing” silver daily. Oh by the way, this is the same HSBC that is the custodian for the GLD ETF, if memory serves.

  • Trey

    I give up!!!! SMH

  • Thomas

    Demand will overcome supply sooner rather than later, the lower they put the price the better deal it is for stackers. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, sub $20 silver is beautiful , get it while you still can.

  • Mike F.

    UA makes awesome clothing for when the shit hits the fan. There under gear can be washed in a sink, rinsed and hung dry inside your home in an hour.

    • Eric

      Yea but he thinks buying the stock at near the 52 week high trading at 88x p/e is a good strategy.

      Maybe I’ll buy some new shorts for when the SHTF just in case. 😉

      I’m tempted to stack some more at these prices. Anyone see any coins they like a lot?

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