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UN Closely Watching The Uprise of ‘Civil Unrest In America’

from DAHBOO7:

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2 comments to UN Closely Watching The Uprise of ‘Civil Unrest In America’

  • Paul Prichard

    The issue of brutal police must be solved locally, the U.N. can take a hike.

  • NaySayer

    the only reason the NWO types got unhappy enough to say or do anything about what is going on outside of St. Louis is because they rolled out the whole “army police” schtick. the NWO doesn’t want people (the average asleep missourian) to know they have all this stuff and are prepared to use it against the people.

    When the time comes, don’t you even doubt it, the tanks will be rolled out in the streets of every city when the borders slam shut, the confiscations begin and people are forced to work for the government (especially medical personnel) in fema camps.

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