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These are people that are deeply, deeply involved in deep TREASON,” explains friend and Patriot Rob Kirby from Kirby Analytics. Rob joins us to discuss Ebola, precious metals manipulation and the US open border with Mexico – and he doesn’t mince words:

We are under the control of Globalists and Globalists have an agenda. They want less of us on the planet. The Globalists have written white papers explaining explicitly their contempt for humanity. They want less of us on the planet. They want the planet depopulated. These Globalists have control of the financial apparatus, the media apparatus, the geopolitical apparatus… It is Globalism that we need to fear most of all. Their agendas are one world government, one world currency and one world religion, namely the worship of State. And this is the trajectory we’re on.”

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  • glitter 1

    A good and timely summary of current events!
    As I’ve commented on past pieces,all things can be traced back to an origin/beginning.If one were to listen to this piece/historical segment by William Cooper (Mystery Babylon Series)on The Roshaniya (The Brotherhood)and how they have covertly impemented their World Take Over Plan right up to current day.Notice towards the middle of the segment,he is referring to “The Learned Elders Of Zion”,but gets cut off.This ancient covert organization is a vast army(millions) working behind the scenes day and night to bring in their NWO.Also corraborated by an interview with Svila(ex Illuminati Family defector).

    Then there is this piece recently by a Retired Army Ranger Commander on what TPTB have planned over the next couple of years:

    Echoed/corroborated by “V”:

    All these things are “The Signs Of The Times”,Sign Posts of what is to come.The leaves are on the Fig Tree.

  • I’ve always thought, or maybe in my worst nightmare, these “globalists” in their final moment of desperation would unleash pandemic upon the world. Like all psychotic suicidal/ mass killers but on a global level. We need to define exactly who these globalists, internationalist or central bankers really are instead of these vague terms. Maybe by exposing these vampires to the light of day, we can stop their madness. Time is of the essence, events are unfolding quickly. The pages of the future history books are in our hands to be written.

  • mangrove

    Truth, truth, and truth. Thank you both for the sane discussion, despite the horrific news on virtually every front.

  • Anon


    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 103 Clinton Inc & Dr Marys Monkee

    YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO LISTEN TO John B. Wells’ AMAZING! interview with the author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey !!! Specific confirmation, as if any further were needed – that the CIA was heavily and directly involved in the JFK Assassination.

  • Bryan Lonn

    Great video with Rob Kirby, Sean. Very informative and shared it with a few friends not awaken yet. I do not understand why Americans cannot believe that the U.S. Government could of caused 9/11. Just one semester of criminal law or tort law would help people understand that the world is an ugly place and sadly money provokes lots of humans to do bad things to other humans. I feel like we are on borrowed time and if we cannot stop the cancerous growth of Government soon then we will collapse, as you said. Thanks for your work.

  • douglas

    Great interview, troubling but necessary… While still on active duty (back in 2006) I came to the grizzly realization that I had been fooled for a long time, that (as Sean stated in the interview) we were in fact ¨No longer the good guys¨ – I immediately put in my request for retirement. Now, as a recently retired U.S. Naval Officer living outside the U.S. I worry greatly for my loved ones in The States (and more recently for all of you, my awake brothers and sisters). While I dont consider myself fully immune from the coming calamities which will soon impact our world, I certainly feel alot safer in my new home than I did back in the ¨Land of the Free¨. Knowing that a complete economic colapse with its ensuing riots and police-state intervention is ¨No longer an IF but a WHEN¨ and that horrors like a total thermonuclear attack from Russia in response to our provocations are but one of the likely scenarios which the globalists may provoke – I truly dont understand how most of you can believe that simply ¨boarding-up the windows on your beachfront house and hiding inside¨ will save you and your families from the quickly aproaching 200-foot tidal wave. I understand both the American ¨stay and fight¨ mentality and that due to economic and emotional reasons not all of you can expatriate to a safer country, but at this point (when we now have visual contact with the massive wave on the horizon) there is no longer any reason for any of you to be living in or near a major U.S. metropolitan area! Physical precious metals, storable food/water and personal firearms are all vital, but if you´re in the wrong placenow when the SHTF then those well-thought-out precautions will be for naught – do what you know you must now. Time is short, get to higher ground – God help us all…

    • Howard Roark

      Well that’s great for you Douglas. But see, the vast majority didn’t work as a contract killer for the system and are collecting a blood money pension from that same system. We aren’t getting checks from satan and don’t have the financial ability to attempt to save our own mortal skin by picking up and moving anywhere we like.

      Most here have and are attempting to lead productive lives by providing goods and services to others on a voluntary basis, unlike you. We are “stuck” in the sense that our ability to feed and house ourselves are tied to the places we live and not easily replaced, especially now.

      You bought into the “rah…rah” of “serving your country” and it’s great that you “woke up”, but you are undoubtedly receiving blood money to finance your “escape”.

      So, frankly your “concern” and “foresight” ring rather hallow. While you were marking time racking up a gummint pension the rest of us were attempting to make real change here. I just wonder how much contempt you heaped on those of us that saw this coming decades ago while you were playing navy?

      • J

        A bit harsh there Howard… in your condemnation of Douglas. What exactly have you been doing here while Douglas was “playing navy? Voting? Calling the DC switchboard? Paying taxes? Following the advice of the Jackass and the Turd? Douglas woke up and chose the avenue that was open to him as would anyone who had his and his family’s future survival in mind.

        • Howard Roark

          No J, I haven’t filed and paid taxes for 20 years and have been helping others who have made the same moral choice. I also haven’t “voted” for the same amount of time because it’s pointless to engage this system, the best way to kill it is ignore it and do your level best to live outside of it.

          I’ve seen MANY “douglases” do what he’s doing, ex-military, ex-gummint pensioners run and leave family behind getting all pious ounce they’ve secured their income stream from the gummint and found what they think are safe havens and then can tell us all “you should do the same, what are you thinking?!”

          But then, that didn’t stop you from being just as harsh on me without having a clue who I was or what my perspective and experience was…hypocrite.

      • John

        Howard, some of your anger is misdirected, and should be saved for the evil savages that knitted this wicked system together. We are all pitted against each…..the young and college indebted against the debt free and Social Security-taking aged, illegal immigrants against the legals, black verse white, government pay/pensions verse private pay/pensions, wealthy verse poor, and on and on it goes, all done by elaborate design using a cleverly crafted centralized banking system. It is no more complicated than that.

        And just a side note, sadly today, most young men enter the military because it is their only viable option to some sustainable livelihood. This, too, is a direct result from the banking whores who rule our continents.

        • Howard Roark

          That relieves no one of their moral responsibility…this game has been played since BEFORE The Lord Jesus Christ became physically violent the only documented time in his life in the Temple…

          12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

          13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

          Apparently you all have been brainwashed into believing that the Fed Reserve & the I.R. fricking-S is the most powerful entity in the universe, and that being condemned by the IRS is the worst and most permanent fate in the universe and in the realm of humanity. In other words, YOU IDIOTS WORSHIP THE I.R.S. ABOVE GOD. YOU FEAR THE I.R.S., BUT DO NOT FEAR GOD, HIS JUDGEMENT OR HIS WRATH IN THE SLIGHTEST.

        • Howard Roark

          The other reason we are the most culpable nation in history for our government is because we are an armed nation. The people of North Korea, because they were disarmed decades ago, bear less responsibility for their government than we do – but they are still responsible. If the people of North Korea, disarmed and half starved to death, are responsible for their government, how much more are We The People, armed and fed, responsible for the absolute abomination that is our Federal government?

    • Gnostic


      I do not blame you for your circumstances nor should anyone, you are exactly where you are supposed to be we all are, The world is a stage……

      PS- do you need a butler? Only joking.


    • douglas

      Howard, I understand your anger and resentment. I dont know if you were born ¨awake¨, but I can truly say that as soon as I saw the truth – I acted with consciense and did the right thing (submiting my resignation and refusing a promotion to full Commander). I am not proud of my military service, in fact most of my family and friends think I´m a pariah for telling them that I don´t celebrate Veterans Day and explaining why. These days I try to do the best I can and help others whenever possible – I´ll spare you the details… While I do in fact collect a sizeable pension from what you refer to as ¨Satan¨, I suspect that there are few people (perhaps you´re one) that would renounce it (as a matter of principle). For whatever it´s worth, with our economy on the brink of colapse – I dont expect to collect it for much longer (or at the very least for it to be worth much). In the meantime I´ve made solid investments (like buying gold/silver since 2004) that I hope will allow me to keep my family safe and perhaps even help our world after the reset takes place (assuming any of us survive it). Note that today I consider myself an Anarcho-Capitalist (you and I probably disagree on very little). That said, I dont ask for your forgiveness, because I personally owe you absolutely nothing – I just thought your comments deserved a response. In any case I wish you the best, I realy do.

      PS J and Gnostic:, thanks to both of you for your support…

      • Howard Roark

        Douglas, with all due respect, Anaracho-Capitalists do not accept sizeable gummint pensions collected at the barrel of a gun from non-violent people. And, no, I wouldn’t take the pension. I had many opportunities coming out of college to go into a nice gummint job where they sold the incredible pension after only 25-30 years. I had two friends take the military route out of college, both are living in Costa Rica as we speak collecting 5-6k per month gummint checks…they give me “bug-out advice” too.

        No, I wasn’t “born awake”, I was 25, and just try making a living while refusing to use a Slave Surveillance Number, refusing to file and constantly hounded. Non-violent, non-cooperation could’ve toppled this garbage pile of lies, theft, rape and murder called the “us gummint” decades ago. I figured a principled stand in action would catch on, I was wrong. From that time I always knew it would end this way, the math never added up to me. I always asked myself, “how can they afford to pay those massive pensions when no one I know of in the private sector even comes close?” Then it occurred to me, “oh, they have guns to take it and the printing press to cover it, at least for a while.” Call me crazy but that always seemed pretty fucking evil to me and in COMPLETE contradiction to Christ’s teachings, The 10 Commandments and natural law.

        So I hold you no personal ill will because we all have our own maps of the world and wake up at different times, I understand that of course. My objection, as it is with my former friends, is the “no shit Sherlock, get the hell away from major pop centers and leave the country” “bug-out” advice from someone collecting an unsustainable amount of gummint blood cash each month to live where they like, that’s all.

        No one wants to get “dirty” anymore, they just want to “get theirs” and run.

        “Modern Western post-Christian culture is a salmonella-laden undercooked chicken taco of self-absorbed materialism and entertainism wrapped in a soggy chalupa of effeminate cowardice.”(props to Ann Barnhardt)

        • douglas

          Although I would not express it in the same way, I agree with most of your reasoning – but not on what you keep refering to as ¨Blood Money¨. Renouncing my pension would not only deny me of capital with which to better prepare my family for the coming colapse (and help others after the reset if I survive), but also it would in fact be giving money back to ¨the beast¨ to do more of what it does. Personally, I think you´re fighting a loosing battle, morally correct, but nevertheless a battle you cannot win. Your friends (in Costa Rica) are giving you good advice and so am I. Making it happen is not as hard as many believe – for example in Ecuador a couple with no kids can live well on about $1000 a month (and you can start a business to make $1000 net a month with about $10k). Man, all I was saying is get out of the way of the train, does it really matter who the messenger is?

          • Howard Roark

            REAL principle is a bitch, I understand, not the kind you toss like a sweater on a warm day…”but if I don’t accept it they’ll use it for ill”…I get the rationalization…and what are you going to buy your family…a few years of mortal existence if your lucky, then what? Without morals and enforced principals of right and wrong subject to consequence FOR ALL, what then in this world, what future for you and yours?

            Of course you wouldn’t express it the same way…you need to protect your rationalization, I get it…IN SPADES.

            “Personally, I think you´re fighting a loosing battle, morally correct, but nevertheless a battle you cannot win.” I figured that was your position, how do you define a “win”?

            Are you the least bit spiritual or do you think this mortal world is “it”?
            The battle is spiritual and has been for years. I fear only God, The Father Almighty and his Son and my Savior Jesus Christ. Personally I fear, FAR MORE, for the destination of my immortal soul than saving my flesh for a few more years regardless. And when TPTB that you used to serve get around to “cleaning-up” the known expat locations that you live in, what then? What will be the next compromise you will bow to in order to buy more time, at what price?

            And yes, it does matter who is giving the advice to “get out of the way of the train”. You’ve no clue what it is to deal with the evil of this bureaucracy when you say “NO” and mean it. You get a monthly huge monthly check and have for years. Likely hit the local watering hole daily to talk smack about being an expat and how smart you when to “get out” when you did.

            You’ve confirmed my suspicions as to the “character” of the military with all their oath taking to the CONstitution and all. Just words, easily discarded when no longer personally convenient, beneficial or profitable.

            For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. – Ephesians 6:12

            For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. – 1 Timothy 6:10

            “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams

            • douglas

              You are to say the least ¨outspoken¨, but I will not bow-down to your judgement because you have no right to judge me. You ask if I am at all spiritual? Well as a matter of fact I am a Christian (look at the last line of my original comment), I pray daily to our Lord Jesus Christ and it is only to him who I bow-down to – the Father is the only one who will one day judge me (not you). You seem to be an odd mix of of Christianity with Militant Anarchism, I´m not quite sure what to make of you… In any case – your word selection (expletives), unending anger/frustration and unforgiving judgemental attitude make you (in my eyes) a poor example for others to follow. Putting myself in your place, I have to ask myself – Why do you argue in this fashion and attack so harshly someone (me) who is awake and basically supports much of what you claim to support? Especially when the overwhelming majority of the population of both our country and this world are basically against both of us… I will let you have the last word, I suspect you´re the type of person that ¨needs it¨. In the end you may just be a government troll trying to sow discord amongst us, that would explain things quite well. God help us all….

              • Howard Roark

                Only to state the following. I’m not a “troll”. I’m not “judging you”. I’m not looking for you to apologize or bow down at all. I’m am merely stating FACTS, which are as follows:

                You’re an ex-military, expat living abroad on a “sizeable”(your words) government pension. As such you claim to be an “Anarcho-Capitalist” which on it’s face seems disingenuous at best and hypocritical at worst. Labels are easy to claim when only supported by words and not deeds.

                You give flippant and obvious “get out of dodge” advice to a vast majority that aren’t collecting a “sizeable government pension”(your words). Most of whom are essentially stuck because of economic circumstance and would rather not leave family and loved ones behind to be torture-murdered.

                The “sizeable government pension” you receive is stolen at the barrel of a gun through government violence.

                Use of the phrase “God help us all…” does not make one a “Christian”

                You CANNOT subsidize this government or receive its stolen largess and still claim that God is “first” in your life. It is mathematically, metaphysically and morally impossible. You must choose your allegiances NOW. You must NOW choose who or what it is that you truly worship. Do you worship God or do you worship your wealth? Here’s a simple litmus test for you: are you or are you not willing to give up all of your wealth in bearing witness to God in His Truth? If the answer is no, then stop calling yourself a Christian, because you very simply are not.

                The early Christians went to their deaths rather than offer a pinch of incense on the altar of Caesar. Incense is merely symbolic and burns away. Money subsidizes, finances and enables activities that break God’s law – the Natural Law.

                If you don’t like people speaking the truth to you like this, I’m sure Pastor Jeremy at your neo-pagan Superfun Rockband church of the Latter Day Dumbasses or Father Liza-Judy over at Holy Marxist Jazzhands parish will be very happy to lie to you and dry your tears with the rockband playing proudly behind.

  • Sam

    The synopsis heard during these ~ 30 minutes of connective conversation will be banned from TeeVee like the EBOLA should have banned and isolated from shores around the globe.

    Stand Up Speak Out Take Action!

  • Jacobson

    African disease = Hussein Obama

  • c.i.


    Sometimes all is good. See below……………

    Does anyone have a problem with this?


  • Gnostic

    Globalists = White Shoe Boys

  • johns

    32 minutes of REALITY. Great interview.

  • Kim

    Love Kirby, love Willie, Love Sean.

  • Angel

    “We” haven’t been the good guys for a very, very long time, much longer than most would be willing to admit. Many would never admit it PERIOD, because they’re still living under a romantic illusion. Freedom is Slavery, after all. And War is Peace. So don’t you dare rain on their parade.

    Yes, 911 is the key to all of this, but isn’t it much more exciting to hold on tight to the “belief” that brown people with beards planned the attacks from a cave? United We Stand, after all. Fly those cheap flags high to show you’re a “true” American.

    But it isn’t completely hopeless as increasing numbers of people are breaking free of the programming like never before. Yet at the same time, the criminality orchestrated by psychopathic madmen is clearly ramping up at a tremendous rate in order to keep pace with those who are awakening from their slumber.

    It’s now become a race to the finish line, and those rabid and dogs are well-aware of the fate that usually bestows such a beast when they’ve hit the wall and have nowhere else to run.

    The question is, will humanity awaken fast enough?

  • moringaLEAF

    SGT, thx for your good work. not sure why you stopped but i really appreciated when you made direct download mp3s of your interviews available. helps when multi-tasking you know.

  • Hugo

    Hi there Sean and Rob,

    Great interview, thank you both. One point, I think the globalists are different factions. For example, I love to see physical gold as the world reserve Money again (not currency smile). Quite a few counties, or should I say their central banks, mark their gold to market. See the world map of them countries in this older but still very relevant piece by mr Sinclair

    For example, here in Holland our politicians are owned by the Empire and to a lesser degree media. Old money (not currency) is not. They own fianance in Europe and the FED. They are up against? Time maybe.

    Europe learned about paper currency from China in the by the travels of Marco Polo. He decided to travel the whole, then fragmented, silk road. All the way from Italy to China and back if I recall well around the year 1100. One thing what was brought back was paper currency… And then Europe came out of its dark ages (cough, retink the backwardness of the so called dark ages)

    So the east with 5000 years of history vs North Africa / Europe 3000 and the USA… 300 years. What a can of worms once you open it.

    Thank you for reading is rambelings

  • John

    Douglas, J, Howard, Gnostic…..I truely appreciate the brutal honesty in your discussion. That is exactly how we will all get through this coming fiasco together- speaking our minds but not getting ugly. I have a ton of respect for each of you because you all spoke your mind, and as far as I’m concerned, you did NOT offend each other. I love reading these very frank and honest discussions and threads here at SGTreport. I learned something, thanks all!

    • douglas

      John, I appreciate your positive take on our dialogue up above (why did you comment down here?). Actually I felt a bit slammed by Howard, but then again sometimes I feel that way towards myself for taking so long to ¨see the light¨. I suppose it´s a combination of anger at the system and frustration at not being able to change things – in any case, I tried not to take it personally (I did not feel offended, and was careful not to offend). At the same time, Howard´s words were indeed harsh, especially towards J – I think that in J´s position I probably would feel offended. No big deal, were all grown ups around here, but you know what? We´re part of the very few on ¨Our Team¨ (the awake) – it´s really a shame that we bicker amongst each other when our enemy is realy almost everyone else…

      • John

        Hey Douglas…Indeed, Howard was really raw and upfront, but he was speaking from his place, his wounded heart on how he sees the world and I respect him for that. And even so, you did not take offense and explained your position, your old world view and your new world view having now been awoken. Look, I’m no touchy feely phsycotherapist or anything of the sort….I’m just saying that dialogue above is sorely needed in this world. It didn’t take long and you all got right to the core without it all getting really pissy and personal.

        And BTW, thank you for your service!

  • Eric

    Memo to Globalist assholes…

    We aren’t going anywhere. YOU are!

  • Bob Morin

    Lady and Gentleman If there is ultimate Evil There is ultimate good or holy, God is Holy God the Son is Holy and so is the Holy Spirit seek and you will find. It is very basic common sense however you must be determine to find and then just simple believe.

    That’s why I do not have to run and hide from anything or move because I am aware of the instruction and what to expect God says Listen to my Son So Get with it and Listen to His Son. He tells you exactly what to do and what to do example “love God with all your heart and love your brothers and sister as yourself, KNOW the sound of my voice and STAND and look up and many other simple task” WE can not change most people only tell the truth, However the more people that we reach we may prolong the inevitable (LIKE NIEVAH) the bottom line is this dispensation is coming to an end so or later. HAVE an ENTERAL prospection rather the a world one and you will find what you must seek

    God bless all here and God speed in your search time is Short if America will not seek God.

  • Bob Morin

    sorry about errors in my comment guys too much fluoride Ha however you must know that the amount of reading is so short I’m sure that the people that seek truth here can do the research, read from Matthew to 2nd Corinthians. That’s really all you need to do to make your mind up one way or another IT’S SUCH a short read it’s comical.

    New King James Version only and take the attitude of putting the words to the test like we put the words we read everyday to the test, then follow the instruction if you come to the same conclusion I came to follow the instructions!!

    Please remember if you do come to the same conclusion I came to following the instructions. DO NOT FORGET TO ASK JESUS TO SEND YOU THAT GIFT After completing task which is required, HE PROMISES!! (JESUS is HOLY and if HOLY makes A promise HE WILL DELIVER THAT GIFT, GOD the Father put all AUTHORITY in CHRIST) THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE SIMPLE, THE READ is SIMPLE The task is simple if you can just understand the simple 4 letter word HOLY you will understand the reason why we NEED CHRIST

    GOD bless and GOD speed to you all

  • C.I.

    Remember The Hendra Virus.

    Heads Up.

  • Slvrizgold

    Good thread but I hope the comments section here doesn’t turn into the “religion board.” Some of us don’t have enough time to read long scrolls of Bible verses. Not that that was happening on this thread, but I’ve seen it happen and the signs are present. LOL

  • Jacobson

    Why americans are so afraid ?
    The Ebola is now in Africa and it is aimed against the millions of refugees in the middle east !
    2 million syrians are living in tents in the desert … just think ..

    • Eric

      Most of them are afraid because they watch fox news and cnn and they really don’t know anything.

      Knowledge is power and gaining wisdom is empowering.

      All fear comes from loss. Being afraid to lose your life, your money, your loved ones etc.

      When you come to grips with that simple fact and turn off the doom porn, the fear drifts off into the darkness. Darkness can’t exist in the light but without light, there is only darkness.

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