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THE UNKNOWN FACTOR: How The Global Financial System Will Collapse

by Steve St. Angelo, SRS Rocco:

One day out of the blue, the Global Financial System will collapse plunging the world’s economies into a depression for which there is no recovery. The reason for this sudden collapse will be due to a factor that most analysts fail to recognize or understand.

While the mainstream media and alternative analyst community focus on the typical economic indicators, monetary system, derivatives and debt markets… the real problem for the world financial system will be the rapid change in the “PERCEPTIONS” of assets by investors and the public. This event will likely occur rather quickly — virtually overnight.

Over the past year, I published articles on this site warning investors of this fundamental factor that continues to go unnoticed by the majority of analysts in the precious metal community. Then last week, I came across this short presentation that explains it brilliantly and simply in a way that everyone can understand.

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3 comments to THE UNKNOWN FACTOR: How The Global Financial System Will Collapse

  • Long John Silver

    How the heck are they taking Oil down to 96, yet the dollar is rising, equities are rising, and there are tensions around the globe.. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone..

    Is the dollar still viewed as safe??

  • Nd60

    UR IN da twilight zone.. when…

    😀 😀 😀

    was looking 4 a way outta this world like u stranger 😀
    mi never find this it came to mi 😀

    read the comments its funnier 😀
    nothing makes sense and meant to make sense anyway
    its all make belief and just rinse and repeat for another hundred yrs 😀
    until they drop dead or u first… or everything the whole SHEBANG (even the hunker bunker) blow up!


    this is 2 weird mi think will start w beer now… never 2 early feel free to drink 1 4mi n da gopher 😀

    be safe

  • aa

    Another well crafted and thought provoking article by SRS ROCCO. Great article and video.

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