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The Ultimate End Game – World War III?

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

For time immemorial governments have sought distractions from – and scapegoats for – their own failures; and nowhere is the record more clear than the long, sorry history of fiat currency regimes.  Whether via coordinated actions or indirect consequences, the end result is always the same – as like trapped rats, governments will do anything to survive.

In the case of 21st century America, nearly a century of “superpower” status is nearing its end; principally due to abuse its “reserve currency status” – but equally so, the inevitable “catch-up” of the Eastern hemisphere on the global political and economic stages.  Undoubtedly, the Chinese Yuan – or some version of it – will usurp the dollar’s hegemony, just as occurred to seemingly invincible Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French and British fiat currencies in prior centuries.

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1 comment to The Ultimate End Game – World War III?

  • Rodster

    And the Yuan will eventually be converted into fiat currency as well. As Hugo Salinas Price said, the Russians and Chinese only know how to operate within the western financial system. Even if they setup their own banking system it will resemble that of the failed west system and really nothing will change. It’s basically the same bad movie with different actors.

    The only thing holding the global financial ponzi together is “cheap oil” and we are way past that point. It’s now onto the harder to get to and more expensive to extract fossil fuels.

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