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The Secret Space Program & BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION — Richard Dolan Lecture

from Top Conspiracy Documentaries:

The Secret Space Program: In this lecture Richard Dolan argues that the UFO phenomenon is infinitely more complex than many have previously suggested, and that human and non-human groups are behind what we call UFOs.

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13 comments to The Secret Space Program & BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION — Richard Dolan Lecture

  • Jenn

    Having watched this twice, I can honestly say it’s one of the very best presentations for helping the asleep or indoctrinated folks come to grips with the idea that there is a whole other aspect of our perceived reality that’s been hidden for so long. Richard Dolan is a very sharp individual and brings the evidence to back up his claims. In fairness, it’s worth admitting that many of these individuals are likely bringing this information out from the black at the request of the SSP to prepare the public to have their world rocked by a never-ending stream of disclosures, much of which will center around the fact that our galaxy is teeming with life. Anyway, it’s a very worthwhile endeavor to acquaint yourself with this information. Simon Parkes recent Project Camelot interview goes a bit deeper into Dolan’s information and focuses on the controllers of the SSP. It’s more of an intellectual discussion, as opposed to the nuttier stuff that tends to dominate this field of study. That is also highly rec’d.

    • SGT

      Thanks for the feedback Jenn, I really enjoyed it as well. (which explains why I posted it!)

      • Nd60

        SGT moderator

        pls feel free to remove ALL my post (past and present and future)
        should you and anyone deem unhelpful

        im mere one point of view and could be dead wrong
        so dont be shy im all good with being removed

        thanks for the good and hard work 🙂


    • Eric

      Yeah I enjoyed that Simon Parkes interview a lot. Kerry definitely has a lot of wonderful interviews out there for those with ears to listen.

      I tend to see Richard Dolan as one of the top researchers and presenters of the UFO phenomenon.

      Glad you guys are watching and posting these videos.

  • simpel

    Quote from “facing a greater community of life” from the book The reality and spirituality of Life In The Universe

    Many people have speculated on the possibilities for life in the Greater Community, what that might be like and how life would evolve into more sophisticated realms and societies. Today, as in the past, people project their hopes and their wishes upon the meaning of life beyond the world, hoping that other races will be more enlightened, more sophisticated and more elevated than the human family has been and is currently. And, of course, there are many fears projected into this larger arena of life—fears of terrible beasts, terrible invading nations, destruction, attack and so forth.

    But, as always, reality is very different from expectation. The reality into which you will be emerging will be the focus of this series of teachings—a reality that you can understand from your own experience of living in the natural world and from your own experience of living within the evolution of human society.

    The great difference, of course, is both the complexity and the vastness of this Greater Community and the fact that it is inhabited by races of beings that are very different from humanity, not only different in form and appearance, but different in intelligence and awareness and different in ethics and values.
    This will be hard to deal with, and this is where your hopes and fears may arise. But

    you must recognize that humanity has now reached a point of world development and a threshold where it will be facing Great Waves of environmental change and difficulty in the world. Here your encounter with intelligent life from the Greater Community and the reality of the Greater Community itself will become ever more important and central to your well-being and to the kind of future you will be able to create.

    More to read at

    free ebook ‘ The reality and spirituality of Life In The Universe’ by Marshall Vian Summers:

  • med_merc

    The idea that these entities are from distant planets is a lie. It is more propaganda and conditioning than anything approaching truth. Some of the founders of the ufology movement stated this long ago. Dr, Jaques Valles, a secular scientist said as much in his book “Messengers of Deception”, coming to the same conclusion I do as a Christian. And that is this, that what we are seeing are interdimensional entities, not interplanetary.
    The rabbit hole is deep friends, peer long and perceptively into it, if you seek the truth. Give a listen to L A Marzulli, Thomas Horn, Trey Smith, Gary Stearman, all easily found on youtube.
    Here is something to think about. Why is it that in many cases, these so called extraterrestrials, having traveled who knows how many light years, arrive to denounce Jesus Christ and Him only, as many abductees have reported. Why also is it that 100% of the encounters of the third/fourth/fifth kind stop immediately when His name, the name of Jesus is invoked. I can answer both those questions with this statement from JC “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth” Matthew 28:18

    • Nd60

      since u hv drawn the RED LINE
      u better hope u r rite…

      coz no alien is coming to save u!

      the test is so very very near…
      when SHTF… and all the body burns in excruciating pain… hold on to ur faith as u claim so boldly here..
      show ur god AND YOUR SELF u r the REAL DEAL n not a liar!!!

      every body (inc alien) will be watching too (if u dont mind).

      peace not of this world

      be safe
      p/s mi not anti-fish yet there is a clear line s said
      when there is none so blind w all eyes closed
      and there is keep ur faith in high alert
      n still who/none has seen “god” ironic isnt it? be safe ppl

      • frank

        Seriously….you need to learn some basic English skills. English isn’t even my first language and I can read and write it way better than you. Reading your “ebonic” like post gave me a headache!

        I agree with you! Ignore the individuals that accept everything they read on sites like this and attack those that don’t. Its funny, those that accept main stream media are called sheeple, zombies etc…but those that fully accept whatever nonsense is posted on alternative media are “fully enlightened”….what a joke lol.

        • Nd60

          sorry you choose to read what gives you a headache.

          maybe you should skip next time
          and read only what you understand.

          by the way it so good to know your English is better than mine.

          lets keep it that way.


    • Scott

      You’re such a narrow minded lackey. This would have been you 300 years ago….”this is all propaganda, Jesus says the earth IS flat”. Moron.

      • Nd60

        dear scott n all
        we r all wonderful creation of the mysterious ONE
        so lets not point any fingers when 3 is pointing back
        we all hv our work to do
        we all are on different stage of development
        we all learn truth and the lots in our each given receptive ways
        so lets be nice lose the name calling yes?
        we all have a choice in every point of decision
        and we all have to suffer/enjoy the consequence/reward/judgement thereafter

        again mi not anti christian
        but that if u want to claim da jman
        you better prepared to sacrifice your body as per his path
        did he died for your sins? according to da book yes
        did the book promise you dont have to die a horrible death when you choose that path? hmmmm
        ignorance is bliss BUT NOT FREE
        just know what deal you signed up n prepared to live up to it
        that what mi saying

        consider this if ur state sponsorIS is doing convert or die
        n they r already knock on da door n send da invite
        what u think the ‘friendly’ already in e plan/place would do?
        if u want to be righteous inPUBLIC
        u shld be ready for da treatment by them now they know who ur
        shld u go underground believer? u decide 4urself
        is a dead lion better than a scattering cockroach?
        every beliver has to pass that test in order to move higher
        furgoson is just trail run and practice HELLO
        they can pick any topic under the sun for theyr desire ending

        there are ppl in the middle east who claim this or that
        they know what come with the deal n required of their body
        just as some want freedom in a lockdown state
        do they know what is required in the deal
        some want the silver and gold go sky high NOW NOW NOW
        do u know whats would be in the deal should that come true?
        and just what would u wake up to tomorrow’s sunshine?

        btw earth can be flat
        it depends how your eyes are grown
        ch eyes see everything flat (esp the chess area)
        😀 😀 😀
        and also depend where you are looking from the universe
        if you go out far enough
        everything looks flat

        there is so much mor we dont know for absolute certainty
        lets learn from each other

        n better still
        lets learn from others mistake
        so we dont have to repeat them
        n we can get “there n not here” faster

        keep ur faith and be ready


        be safe

    • Eric

      I’ll just comment on what i have learned over the years.

      UFO’s – Some are Military, mostly reverse engineered. Some are not military and are from beyond earth.

      Extra Terrestrials/aliens/non human entities – Some are good. Some are bad. Each has their own agenda and are not necessarily good or bad. They are very interested in earth and it’s resources. Most are here to help us, but a few of them are not. These are the ones who have screwed everything up over the millennia. Some look human. Just like us. Some do not. Most are humanoid (torso, 2 arms, 2 legs). Some are physical. Some are interdimensional. Don’t judge by looks. The ones that look evil may not be.

      Don’t believe anything I say. Do your own research. Come to your own well thought out conclusions.

  • Velocity of Money

    Use the Deut. 13 test. If anyone try to tell you or lead you astray from the Commandments of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob then run. For if you understand the 10 Commandments at a minimum you know they are of peace and reserved worship for the ONE creator God. Obeying the 10 Commandments and accepting Jesus Christ is of no threat to anyone of anything in the universe if observed and practiced correctly. For to love God and our brothers is of what all the laws of the 10 Commandments hang through Jesus Christ. How could anyone or anything view these as vial unless alter motives are at play will reveal the perversion shall it exist.


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