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The Mike Brown Shooting: What You’re Not Being Told

from StormCloudsGathering:

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1 comment to The Mike Brown Shooting: What You’re Not Being Told

  • Sayldog

    We condemn any “rush to judgement” and espouse “innocent until proven guilty”, except apparently in a case like this.
    Why should I take the “eye witness” at his word? Much of what he claims makes no sense, such as when he states that the officer “reached through the window of his car and wrapped his arm around the victims neck.” How is that even possible? Or how about “the officer opened his door and it ricocheted off (them) back at him, and that might have pissed the officer off.” Can’t imagine a street thug pushing that door back into the officer trying to get out of his car, eh?
    And when the talking heads in the MSM describe Brown as an “unarmed teenager”, while technically true, a 200 plus pound 18 year old in another context would be described as a combat ready soldier, not as a hapless child victim.
    That officer may have justifiably feared for his life.
    If the Ferguson police would have just stood back and let rioters and looters burn the town down, than you all would have been frothing about “why didn’t they do anything?” But what, you want them to stand out in the night, outnumbered by hundreds to one, dressed like Kent McCord with his night stick. But hey, bloggers gotta blog.

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