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The Federal Government Has Left America Defenseless Against Ebola

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Emory Hospital in Atlanta to Receive Ebola Patient

Atlanta’s CBS46 News is reporting that “within days” an Ebola patient will soon be transferred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta. No details were provided except to say that the patient is an American and a health care worker who was assisting in the treatment of the Ebola virus when they contracted it.

We, as Americans may have the worst regular healthcare in the Western world. The United States has only the 51st longest lifespan (behind Cuba at 50th) due to the scourge of managed care and now Obamacare, however, the United States still has the best emergency critical care in the world. Our life-sustaining treatments following accidents or acute illness are beyond compare. Further, our expertise in treating and containment of potential pandemic viruses and diseases is also the best in the world. Therefore, when an American healthcare worker contracts Ebola in the treatment of the virus, this should be front page news on every radio station, TV station and newspaper in the country. This is the proverbial canary in the mine.

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