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The End of the “Gun Control” Bull Market

by Greg Guenthner, Daily

Just call it “peak gun”…

Yes, the gun bubble is finally popping. After years of backorders, heated debates, and fears over strict new laws, the assault rifle binge is beginning to sputter…

“Assault-rifle sales stopped in their tracks,” Jim Hornsby, owner of Mainstreet Guns & Range in Atlanta tells Bloomberg. Hornsby estimated sales of assault rifles are off by a staggering 70% from last year.

“It’s hard to give an AR away,” he says.

Part of the reason for the sharp drop in gun sales is the subsiding fear of new gun control legislation. Despite several high-profile mass shootings taking place over the past few years, lawmakers have not passed any laws that could potentially devastate the American gun industry.

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1 comment to The End of the “Gun Control” Bull Market

  • Ed_B

    ““It’s hard to give an AR away,” he says.”

    Try me! 😀

    Could it be that virtually everyone who wants an AR or an AK now has one or more than one? Yes, it could. As people turn away from buying more of what they already have, they will turn to buying and stacking ammo for these weapons. The ammo shortage will continue for the more popular calibers.

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