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The Credit Bubble’s “Final Frontier” – Meet Goldman’s Fixed Income Global Structured Covered Obligation

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig

Fixed Income Global Structured Covered Obligation. Say that three times fast.

According to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, the bailed out financial criminals at Goldman Sachs are set to launch the latest and greatest toxic derivative product directly into the portfolios of willing muppets the world over. It all starts this September, so public pension funds may as well just start taking out stacks of hundreds and torching them at Burning Man while they still have a chance.

Yes, it’s called the “Fixed Income Global Structured Covered Obligation,” and no, you will not have a clue what’s in it. No seriously, you won’t have a clue.

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3 comments to The Credit Bubble’s “Final Frontier” – Meet Goldman’s Fixed Income Global Structured Covered Obligation

  • rich

    John Oliver on the US Payday Loans Industry

    This video by John Oliver below discusses the payday loan industry in the US, which is remarkable even by today’s lax moral standards when it comes to financial matters.

    If not for the corruption of big money, outlandish fees from banks and usurious rates of interest from private financial companies could be stopped, and quickly.

    Part of the problem is the attraction that some in the US have with the romantic notion of naturally good ‘free markets’ unencumbered by the means of protecting the weak and desperate from the stronger and unscrupulous.

    People are not naturally good nor perfectly rational in all their affairs. And just because someone wears a suit and carries a pen and a high powered law firm instead of a gun does not mean that they are not a criminal in the truest sense of the word.

    And the manner in which we are continually given corporations higher regard, more privileges, and more and more power over the individual is a sickness of our souls. It is a portion of the worship of money and power above all else.

    the 8 minute mark will blow your mind away………..

  • CalSailX

    Never ever enter into a contract where Goldman Sachs is a party to it, or allowed to be an agent for a party named within it! If you had foreknowledge, and still consent, well it’s on your head.

    However if it was hidden from you, and that pertinent fact would have kept you from entering the contract. In that case it’s some leverage you didn’t have.

    In Arbitration you just never know where the chips will fall, nondisclosure in a contract is a no-no. Hiding the fact that Goldman Sachs is making money selling you into slavery may take you from a bankruptcy filing to a settlement that leaves the nuclear option on the table for another day.

    Having a knock down drag out fight though court, and into arbitration that last a few years. Will at least will get you on to that list of folks that will not roll over!

    That in it’s self can be priceless!

  • CalSailX

    If Goldman Sachs can and will destroy country’s to get their cut, tell me why do they want a piece of you?

    Mmmm… profit maybe? Not like their butt boys in Congress or the White house give a crap about you. Their job is to disarm you and make you feel helpless…

    Goldman Sachs is just one piece of a monster we the People will have to subdue, it life hinges on our consent.

    They are scared to death that having demanded that corporations be made people they may have made a mistake… A corporation isn’t a human… however however it can be put to death.

    Let them go back to having to renew that corporate charter, where it can be denied to corporations not operating as good citizens… We the PEOPLE DEMAND PERSONS/CORPORATIONS UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE OR WE WILL SEE THEM DEAD!

    It comes down to the consent of the People, it’s within our power to kill corporate entities simply by withholding our resources. Unprofitable you die!

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