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The Countdown To The False Flag Event Has Begun

from X22Report:

Episode 448

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7 comments to The Countdown To The False Flag Event Has Begun

  • jerry

    they dialed 911 for a clear concise reason then as they dial it up now

  • mangrove

    Right on, Dave. Yes, the fear mongering is coming directly from the government — from the very top: Obama, Hagel, Darth Cheney, and the entire mainstream media.

    Here’s something VERY important that could very well be related (regarding the coming vaccine push):

    Jon Rappoport is trying his damnedest to get this out. Please help.

    Breaking: CDC whistleblower Thompson in grave danger now

  • Sam

    False flag to be blamed on their own creation i.e. the ingredients of the false flag are already in the cake:

  • Antony

    Great stuff! But I would say be wary of that one leader, be very aware!!…as some of you may or may not know that is exactly how the antichrist will come to power according to the bible. From what I understand he will be handsome, charismatic and actually solve many of the problems we have to today, but it is all a trick! Do not believe this man, do not go back to sleep! If we are alive when this happens, don’t stop preparing as it will take a turn for the worst. Keep in mind that the devil will most likely never come to you as you think he should look because of course you will then recognize the danger and prepare or avoid him. He will come seemingly good and catch you by surprise. Also remember the story of the boiling frog…or even Hitler as you know from history he started off being pretty good! Peace to you all! Also not everything that looks good is good and not everthing that looks bad is bad. Have you ever seen a nice looking Peach only to take a bite and it tasted dry and terrible!

  • Hugo

    Hi SGT report team,

    Interesting video by X22 indeed. A very interesting video I just saw I would like to tip an interview with mr Sergei Glaziev, the advisor to mr Putin and also his friend. Please do not forget to turn on the subtitles since it is in Russian.

    In case you will post it, here a short discription to accomapy it.
    Mr Sergei Glaziev, mr Putin his advisor talks about Ukrain and the larger geo political issue, Eurasian landmass, the plans of the Americans, the role the EU politicians play in it and how all this is reviving Nazism. He also talks about cycles and that we are about to enter a new cycle and that that usually comes with war. He also traces the current policies employed back to Bismark and the English Empire.

  • Tyler Durden II

    Are you following the media blackout on the cdc whistleblower on the MMR VACCINE?

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