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The Agenda 21 Depopulation of Rural Areas Will Give Obama Stalin-Like Control Over Food

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The plan is called America 2050 and the concept is based upon the creation of megacities. In order for the megacities concept, which is well underway, to come to fruition, American suburbs and rural areas must be completely depopulated. This process is underway and the Obama administration is accelerating the process.

This will come as a shock to many reading this article because they did not learn of these events from FOX or CNN. However, in actuality, the process of moving the United States towards a complete Agenda 21 style of total urbanization has already commenced and it began nearly 20 years ago. In the case of total urbanization, the United States is in the process of dividing the country into 11 large densely populated urban centers. The concept, which will be the subject of a future investigation, will explore this “end-game” strategy of the globalists which will depopulate the America’s suburbs and and rural areas.

The concept is called megacities and the framework was laid in 1994,  when the United States became official participants in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was a ‘liberalized’ trade agreement between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Under NAFTA, farmers’ income in all three countries has plummeted and millions of small farmers have lost their land, while agribusiness corporations (i.e. large government subsidized corporate farms) have reaped huge profits. Subsequently, NAFTA has had three dramatic effects on farmers in North America and all three effects further the cause dense urbanization as outlined in Agenda 21 documents.

NAFTA Was the Beginning of Rural Flight In the United States

The first notable effect of NAFTA is that it it is credited with greatly accelerating illegal immigration and almost immediately bankrupted over three million farmers in northern Mexico and this group became the vanguard of millions of Mexicans illegally entering the US in search for subsistence work of any type.

The second dramatic impact of NAFTA lies in the fact that it has had catastrophic consequences for U.S. farmers as a record number of small farmers have lost their farms and have gone through foreclosure while the government subsidized corporate farms have thrived. Since NAFTAthe average annual growth of the US trade deficit has been 45% higher. Also since NAFTA took effect, about 170,000 small family farms have gone bankrupt which represents a decline of 21% of family farms in the U.S. The 21% of American small farmers who have been bankrupted since the advent of NAFTA, represents a higher percentage of displaced American farmers than what is happening with the forced relocation of Chinese farmers to the ghost cities as covered in the first part of this series. And what happens to American small farmers who have lost their livelihood? They either work on their former competitors corporate farms as hired hands, or they relocate to urban areas in search of employment.

In a case of “death by a thousand cuts”, the American farmer is rapidly moving towards extinction. If it is not the EPA enforcing its Agenda 21 wetlands regulations with devastating consequences on farmers, it is the FDA harassing farmers for pursuing time-honored farm related industries such as the raw milk industry. Congress is plotting new attacks on the U.S. farmer as I write these words. Even Amish farmers have felt the “swat-team wrath of the federal government. Average, everyday Americans are being arrested for merely growing their own food. The relationship between the federal government and the independent American farmer has become so strained that a 17 county region in northern California and southern Oregon have come together to try and form a 51st state dubbed the State of Jefferson.

state of jefferson banner

The push-back against Agenda 21 tyranny.


Whether it is China or the U.S., the United Nations Agenda 21 urbanization policies are designed for the purpose of herding people into dense urban areas for reasons of control and the primary method of control has to do with dominating food production.

The US Government Is Gaining Control Over All Food

Through the collectivization of the food production, the Chinese government is working towards gaining complete control over all food in order to control the people. On an ever increasing basis, NAFTA is providing the U.S. government with the exact same ability. Therefore, the third draconian impact of NAFTA is that it has led to even more nefarious free trade agreements and executive orders which led to the loss of control for local communities over their own food supply.

Underlying the World Trade Organization, the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA which has now morphed into the Organization of American States), and the Central American Free Trade Agreement is the philosophy that all food (i.e. from basic grains, meat, fruits and vegetables) should be exclusively produced for international export. This is a drastic departure from the time honored practice where each country produced the majority of food its citizens needed on local, small farms and only traded in certain products that could not be successfully grown locally. If anyone wonders where this is headed, we only have to look to Africa for the answer. The very first great wave of a NAFTA style of globalization in agriculture took place in Africa, Asia, and Latin America as global corporations forced local farmers to give up local food production, and shifted production to plantations using enslaved Indigenous and African labor to grow the luxury crops of coffee, sugar, bananas, and cocoa for export to the colonizing countries.

If the changing nature of food production in Africa are not enough to raise the level of concern for most, perhaps a quick history lesson will jolt the more complacent among you into a state of full awareness.

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5 comments to The Agenda 21 Depopulation of Rural Areas Will Give Obama Stalin-Like Control Over Food

  • Ed_B

    Mega-cities, huh? How does this idea square with the depopulation desires of these elites? Besides, the worst thing that one can do with population is concentrate it in small areas. By spreading it out, their impact on the environment would be less intense.

    • aa

      It squares with their re wilding desires. Concentrating populations into mega cities would, I think, make for much easier control- if the populace riots send in some helicopter gun ships and kill as many as it takes to gain compliance. A softer solution would be to cut of the water or stop supplying food. Just what do you think these populations, likely already disarmed, will do after they see thousands cut down by machine guns and rockets. Cutting off food and water would work quite well with their depopulation desires since they could kill as many millions as they desired by thirst and starvation. In addition the desperate starving/dehydrated masses would turn on each other and accelerate the process. Anyone attempting to flee the city could easily be terminated by ground troops. Your a smart guy ED and I am surprised you don’t see this.

      • glitter 1

        Their plan calls for planetery depopulation by 90-95% and if you refuse to accept their electronic cashless RFID chip,you will be eliminated.So one has to adjust/modify their perception of “Normal”,because a compliant 500 million will fit/function in their planned mega cities across the globe quite well.It will be their way or you become fertilizer,that’s if one is fortunate enough to survive WWIII,famine,pestilence,etc.You can’t think/compare future “Normal”with current “Normal”.

  • Sayldog

    We shouldn’t have to worry about this. Two weeks ago Dave said that “in 3 weeks” Ebola would be breaking out in the US, so that should take care of any overpopulation problem.

  • There isn’t much to go on here. I think that there is a New World Order, but it is difficult to determine what they will do. They wanted someone to replace American shoppers as the buyers of excess production in the world but have been unable to do so. Other citizens of other nations are much more frugal. That bothers the banksters. They need Americans. They can’t screw with Americans too much at least for now, IMO.

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