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Tesla’s Gigafactory a Boon for Graphite

by Katya Sandino, Outsider Club:

Talk and speculation surrounding the “Gigafactory” is reaching a crescendo. And there’s an easy way to profit as it does. You see, the world is waiting with baited breath for any news concerning this mammoth endeavor. And for good reason.

It has vast implications for everything from transportation and vehicle batteries to smart phones and mineral demand.

Not to mention the positive impact on the local economy wherever it’s built. Let me explain….

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2 comments to Tesla’s Gigafactory a Boon for Graphite

  • Joe

    I responded to this flaky ad and all I got was boring outdated info on Gold and silver. He tells you nothing about Graphite or any company to which may be the source as he alludes to so don’t get you hopes up about what he’s spinning here because he’s not interested in telling you about graphite at all. Just another internet troll drumming up business.

  • Eric B

    So Elon the great will build a factory in Reno? The real question is will the water taps produce water next year in this high desert plain? Buy bottled water makers! Buy desalinization technology! Screw Graphite!

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