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Survival Clothing After TSHTF

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

A perhaps overlooked category for survival preparedness is that of clothing for after the SHTF or societal collapse when there will likely be a shortage or lack of supplies – possibly for a very long time.

Having the right clothing IS a big deal and WILL be a big deal while working a harder and more active physical life after a major collapse.

Not only will it be important to have the right seasonal clothes, but more importantly having HEAVY DUTY clothes – and plenty of them…

After a disaster or major collapse, you will be spending much more time doing other things. Your previous career will be forcibly changed to a new one – survival. You will be enduring and living a harsher life – and the clothes you’re wearing need to be up to the task.

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1 comment to Survival Clothing After TSHTF

  • Ed_B

    Great article and a subject that I have been thinking about for some time. Also important is how we wash and repair our clothes, as SHTF clothing is likely to need lots of both.

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