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Stop the Smart Wars

from Washington’s Blog:

Remarks at event for in Washington, D.C., on August 9, 2014.

Welcome. I’m going to say a few words and then introduce each of our other speakers, who will each speak for 10 minutes or less, and then we’ll open it up for discussion with all of us.

Why choose this moment, when one speech cannot even mention all the wars, to begin an effort to fully eliminate the whole institution from our culture? A decade back, there were marches in the streets and outrage over war lies that had proved false. Nowadays lies about impending danger in Libya, the use of particular weapons in Syria, the construction of particular weapons in Iran, the origins of hostility in Ukraine, the expansion of the U.S. military into Africa and Asia, and the results of the doings of the deadly drones pass by so unnoticed that when Obama starts bombing Iraq, the one place everyone was supposed to know shouldn’t be bombed, at least some people conclude that war is made acceptable by Obama, rather than Obama being made unacceptable by war.

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1 comment to Stop the Smart Wars

  • Paul Prichard

    The brilliant business model of the military-industrial complex: for every dollar they spend fooling people into these wars they make vast profits from taxpayers paying them for the war material.

    We can only bring it to an end when the people realise they were fooled.

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