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The ‘Silver Fix’ is Irrelevant to Silver Manipulation

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

“Much ado about nothing.” While that cliché wasn’t coined expressly to refer to the abolition of the (so-called) “silver fix”, it very well could have been. What we have here is yet another non-event; more of the banksters’ comedy-theater.

What is the basis of this scorn? Simple. The London Silver Fix is nothing more than what this evil-sounding exercise implies: a “fix” of the price of silver at one point in time. Does this in any way solve our problem with silver manipulation?? Of course not.

Our “problem”, as previous commentaries stress again and again is Hostage Markets: a 24/7 invisible ceiling over the silver market (and the gold market), which has been permanently preventing precious metals prices from ever beginning to reflect reality (i.e. market fundamentals). The London Silver Fix accounts for one minute of the day, but has only a minimal, manipulative impact on the other 23:59 of our daily clock.

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3 comments to The ‘Silver Fix’ is Irrelevant to Silver Manipulation

  • Eric

    “The unquestioned master of the (geopolitical) False-Flag Attack is the state of Israel, although the United States ranks a strong second.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • mangrove

    ^^^ That’s a fine quote.

    Off topic. Let’s not forget what a joke of a false flag MH17 was. This is EXTREMELY revealing and excellent work from peekay22:

    “MH17 Dyczynski Show” Rolls On – Fraud Exposed As An Actor

  • Eric

    100% Undeniable Proof ISRAEL is a racist murdering state !!

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