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Saving Your Marriage for the End of the World – Part 1

from Survival Blog:

Could there be a greater, more important survival topic than building a stronger marital union, which is the bedrock of civilization? This topic reminds me of a young man I once spoke with. He noticed a young lady and heard the Lord telling him that she was to marry him. Even though he barely knew her, he intended to declare God’s will to her, go to the altar, check off the wife box on his bucket list, and move on, clueless to the reality that winning her is a journey. I counseled him that he was trying to barge in, uninvited, through the front door, and would most likely be refused. What he needed to do was enter her heart through the back door—the door good friends use—and the door of romance, and the pursuit of her over time.

In like manner, since I became aware of the survival community, I have read many stories of those who awaken to the idea of prepping, and unfortunately, come barging in through their spouse’s front door, not realizing the spouse feels as though his/her life is being turned upside down with either shocking tales and fear for the future, or the fact that their spouse has gone wacko. Instead of approaching the gargantuan-sized project of survivalism by the back door of wisdom, consideration, and understanding, the green prepper approaches the subject without tact and an understanding of how his/her spouse is wired.

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