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Reverse OPSEC: Intel Gathering For Survival

from Ready Go Prep:

OPSEC is just an acronym for Operational Security, a fancy way of saying keep your secrets. We all know that there are things to keep to yourself for your own protection. We have all heard it before; don’t share your most personal information. But one man’s privacy is another man’s Intel. How does one walk the line between keeping your own secrets while simultaneously trying to learn about other people? Have you ever wondered how to be the person who gathers the intel? Let’s start with an example situation where you have two choices, either you can be the investigator or the investigated:

WHY WE PRACTICE OPSEC: A word of caution, there are people out there who try to gain information from you for less than honorable purposes. Some people are natural con artists. Unfortunately I’ve seen this in action when some self purported free meeting in the park “survival expert” would lure unwitting families to hear various discussions on preparing for doomsday. Aside from plenty of questionable knowledge there was a more nefarious angle.

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