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Peace President Plots War On Syria

by Daniel McAdams, The News Doctors:

The Obama administration is reportedly preparing to begin air strikes on Syrian territory without the consent of the Syrian government. The pretext is the rapidly expanding US war on ISIS, but in fact this is the long-desired US attack on Syria that was temporarily thwarted, reportedly by popular opposition last year (but more likely by US knowledge that its claims the Assad government was behind the chemical attacks at Ghouta had no basis in reality and would not stand up to even superficial scrutiny).

Though it makes for a compelling story, the idea that popular opposition to Obama’s plans to attack Syria last year stopped the bombs seems more wishful thinking than reality. Consider how easy it has been these past two weeks to obliterate any opposition among the American people to the same US attack plan regurgitated almost exactly one year later.

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4 comments to Peace President Plots War On Syria

  • Angel

    This one really takes the prize. Never before have I witnessed such despicable human excrement as the “man” and his administration that currently occupy the White House.

    Just about equal to them on the shit meter are the overwhelming majority of “our representatives”, along with the usual gaggle of corporate media whores who provide them cover by resurrecting the same lies and propaganda ad nauseum.

    While this administration continuously claims that Russia is violating international law by (falsely) accusing them of invading Ukraine and attacking the West’s Nazi lackeys, all without EVER producing a shred of evidence to support such accusations, they actually have the gall to then send spy planes over Syrian airspace, and worse, contemplate a military attack on targets inside Syria without anyone’s permission but their own. This is blatant hypocrisy at its worst.

    It’s perfectly clear why TPTB so suddenly conjured up their proxy Frankenstein monster (ISIS/ISIL) and bombarded the fear junkies with claims of another 911 attack should the monster not be contained.

    And, yet again, it appears to be working like a charm, such is the level of mental and moral decay in the United States of Moronika.

    There’s nothing like another dose of tried and tested Hollywood-style fear-mongering to justify more ass-kicking and bloodshed by the Great Satan. Always to protect our “freedoms”, of course, the “exceptional” nation that we are.

    • Sam

      Very well stated Angel, glad to read that others see the insanity for what it is and can articulate it so accurately.

      The blatant hypocrisy that abounds throughout the Washington circles rises to the level of criminality against all of humanity. It’s as if there is an alien race frothing there purposely out to destroy the world…

      • Angel

        Sam, I believe it IS an alien force, one way or another, or perhaps in different ways simultaneously.

        What irks me even further (not mentioned above) are some of these supposed liberty-minded sites that feed the fear even further, in essence, helping those they claim to detest further enslave us as all. We know the usual cast of characters, and it’s time to question who they REALLY work for.

        Furthermore, in conversing with ordinary folks about such issues, I can always distinguish a weak-minded neo-con from an awake conservative. Or an equally weak-minded neo-lib from an awake liberal, for that matter.

        What the heck has happened to people that they can be so easily controlled and manipulated by pulling on their fear strings without fail? It’s akin to a mass-neutering, especially people of the West (I’m ashamed to say).

        • Meat Eater

          Sadly this is all part of the set up. The rest of the world sees the US as the seat of evil, or the ‘great satan’ as the Iranians say.

          When the US gets hit by a major false flag event, or does genuinely get delt a death blow by Russia/China/North korea/take your pick, the rest of the world will not view the event with sorrow, but with releief.

          They will say ‘that had it coming’, or ‘blowback’, or whatever, and leave the US to die, and rot, on its own.

          Sad, but I can see it.

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