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‘Trusted Ally’ Israel Eavesdropped On John Kerry

from ZeroHedge:

When it comes to diplomacy, John Kerry may have rapidly become the biggest laughing joke in US State Department history, but that doesn’t mean his exchanges weren’t valuable to others. Others such as Israel, whose relations with the US have gone from worse to atrocious in recent months, and which as Spiegel just revealed, had eavesdropped on John Kerry on at least one occasion, during Mid-East peace negotiations. Israel would then use the information obtained from the calls during its own negotiations in the Mideast conflict. Further, Spiegel reports that at least one other intelligence service also listened in as Kerry mediated last year between Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab states. The German publications adds wryly that “revelations of the eavesdropping could further damage already tense relations between the US government and Israel” although with Netanyahu openly refusing Obama’s demands about a Gaza ceasefire, one wonders just how much worse things between the two “allies” could get.

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10 comments to ‘Trusted Ally’ Israel Eavesdropped On John Kerry

  • Gnostic


  • Gnostic

    *Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

  • F16Hoser

    John Kerry is one goofy looking prick! If this is America’s finest….we’re fucked, 20 ways to Sunday! He might have married into a lot of money but he’s still a Retard. Nuff said.

  • Angel

    Let the vampires destroy each other.

    • Ed_B

      If only they would! But, no, they will not. They will be like chess masters, sending out their pawns, knights, and bishops to do their dirty-work, while they sit back, sip 30 year old single malt, and laugh at the pieces getting creamed on the board. The pieces… that would be us in some ways and their hired minions in others.

  • Jacobson

    Hehehe I told ya’ !
    Have you heard the eygptians checked John Kerry with metal detector ?
    And Eygpt (Sisi) is cooperating with Israel .
    Don’t forget that Omamba supported the muslim brotherhood and Muhammad Mursi but the eygptians were smart and kicked the fanatics , the same fanatics that Israel is fighting .
    MSM in Israel said yesterday that u.s pays money for ex-seniors to talk against Israel .
    Wikileaks files show that u.s embassy in Tel Aviv has HUGE radar to track israeli phones/internet traffic .

    U.S can’t stir the area as before .

    • Angel

      The government of Syria also considers the MB a terrorist organization, yet I don’t see Israel running to the side of Syria.

      In fact, the secular government in Syria has done more to protect the free expression of Jews and Christians then any other nation dominated by a Muslim population.

      And yet some wish to see this government destroyed. Red flags go up immediately.

      • Ed_B

        This is so in Syria BECAUSE it is a secular regime and not one dominated by a bunch of wild-eyed fanatics pretending to be “religious”. I can assure them that God is not one bit amused by the antics of any of the wild-eyed religious fanatics throughout human history. Perhaps He should use the sky as a video screen and show everyone on the Earth what happens to those who have hurt others after they die. So much for the promise of 80 virgins and other treacherous lies meant to goad people into doing heinous reprehensible acts against their fellow human beings.

      • Jacobson

        Israel has nothing to do with Syria .
        But with Eygpt the story is different : larger border , Gaza between .

        Israel doesn’t involve in the syrian civil war .

        It’s funny how many support Assad blindly .
        He is a dictator who inherited the syrian kingdom from his father that took the power with military revolution .

        Syria has 10% Alawaite – Assad is one of them .
        Why do you support the minority that rules over 90% sunni muslims ?

        • Angel

          The issue is not whether Assad is an Alawhaite, the issue is that the Assad regime is SECULAR, which is the only way there can be stability in a region where Islamic fanaticism is the order of the day. The fact that they’re secular accounts for the general stability in Syria for so many years, until the Zionist-controlled U.S. decided to stir the hornets nest.

          The fact that I would mention this should not have triggered such a short-sighted inference from you that I “support Assad blindly.” Must it always be so cut and dry?

          You see, Assad has little use for Islamic fanatics, just about as much use as he has for Zionist fanatics. He’s no fool, and knows the game (dictator or not).

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