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Actors who openly criticise Israel ‘risk being blacklisted’

by Dina Rickman, Independent:

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem allegedly risk being “blacklisted” by studios over an open letter they signed which accused Israel of “genocide” in Gaza.

The Times (£) reports a number of leading figures in the film industry are believed to have pledged to shun the Oscar-winning pair, who are also husband and wife. According to the paper, industry figures privately said that actors “who persisted in openly criticising Israel would struggle to find work.”

The open letter, published by Europa Press, urged Israel to “lift the blockade, which the Gaza Strip has suffered for more than a decade”. Following its publication both Ms Cruz and Mr Bardem were accused of “inciting anti-semitism” by fellow actor John Voight.

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3 comments to Actors who openly criticise Israel ‘risk being blacklisted’

  • Gnostic

    Nothing new, this censorship has existed since the early days when the Russian Jews hijacked the motion picture industry from Edison

    I remember Marlon Brando “The Godfather” crying like a little biatch & forced to apologize in tears to Larry King for stating the obvious Jews run Hollywood……..Turns your stomach

  • Eric

    Hollywood is dying anyways. All they do is produce crap anymore.

    Being blacklisted from Hollywood. Oh no! The horror. This place stinks of materialism, dirty money, self absorbed ego driven greedy assholes.

    Geeez I quit and gave up a 6 figure income to pursue a higher purpose.

    Penelope/Javier…love you guys. You are right. They are wrong. You’re better off without the wood of a holly tree casting spells over you.

  • Steve_D

    I said as much on here as soon as they released the statement.

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