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More Selling hitting Commodities

from Dan Norcini:

Some might recall a while back I mentioned that the forward curve in the commodity markets was suggesting LOWER prices ahead, not higher prices, as the backwardation that existed in some of the major futures markets was dissolving with the structure moving more towards the typical contango structure. That was especially true between the old crop ( 2013) / new crop grains spreads.

With the US Dollar attempting to gain some further upside traction and with the commodity indices plunging, as well as the idea that interest rate hikes are coming to the US sooner rather than later, the headwinds against gold are gathering.

Gold bulls had best be thanking their lucky stars for all the geopolitical risk in place right now. Were it not for that, it is unlikely gold would be maintaining itself above key support near $1280.

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1 comment to More Selling hitting Commodities

  • mac

    Higher rates lead to higher Gold prices…look at history you ole ‘expert’.

    U think China buys, India buys, Russia buys cuz they believe interest rates won’t go up? US DOLLAR UP – NOT – Euro down, Pound down thus USD up vs the other fiat in the USD basket. Not difficult (except for yanks, the exceptionally out to lunch bunch).

    U r stuck in the USA and r swamped by ‘spin’.

    US Debt…what $220 trillion? Or much higher. Eh, what?

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