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Money Manager’s Warning: ‘The Bull Move Has Lasted So Long Nobody Can See Its End’

from Wolf Street:

“Here’s when US equity and bond markets will change direction,” Cali Money Man grumbled a few days ago. He is a wealth manager and has been on the job at brokerage firms and large banks through three phenomenal crashes. Unlike others, he hasn’t forgotten the craziness that led up to them.

“When investors come to fear the next Fed-talk, that’s when markets will change direction,” he said. “Now they bid up risk in advance on confidence – and afterwards on reassurance – that ZIRP will continue. But eventually they’ll focus on the start and pace of tightening. Fed-speak will assume an aura of bad news.”

And on Wednesday, there was some Fed-speak. As the minutes from the Fed’s July 29-30 policy-setting meeting were published, investors hit the sell button, just a smidgen, then changed their minds, but not much. The Dow and S&P 500 ended the day up, the Nasdaq slipped. The reaction seemed uncertain, jittery, frazzled, but finally unconcerned.

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