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from corbettreport:

When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down on July 17, 2014, we were immediately inundated with base propaganda trying to convince us that the shootdown could be traced back to the Kremlin. But what was this rush to judgement based on? What have we learned about the crash since then? Why has MH17 completely disappeared from the news cycle? And who really stood to benefit from the disaster?

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28 comments to MH17 FULLY EXPOSED: The SHOCKING TRUTH About the Ukraine FALSE FLAG

  • Gnostic

    August 26th, 2014 | Category: False Flag, Fascism, Flight MH17, News, NWO Tyranny +Zionism,

    I am going to take the liberty to ad +Zionism to the Tag. For Jacob’s benefit LOL

    PS- Jacobson may not know it or believe it but I do pray for him.

    • Eric

      As do I.

      ‘We made a mistake. There is a sickness inside our community’ — Jacob Ari Labendz

    • Jacobson

      You pray for me beacuse you want me to believe what you believe or to see the world like you see it ?
      I just pray that people like you will leave us alone .

      • Eric

        “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”
        Buddha quotes (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)

        • NaySayer

          Exactly right. Faith is a con game in my opinion. I always did like the Hindus for stating that you should look for evidence. I personally think that there is plenty of evidence of a god that is all things or pantheistic.

          Some would state that “praying” for someone in a form of black magic attempting to change them through spiritual coercion.

  • Hugo

    Hi sgt report team,

    Ofcourse you could have found this video on your own. But since I tipped this video a little less then an hour….. A thanks or hat tip would have been appreciated if you gotten it from me. I consider that net etiquette. If you found it yourself, no problems ofcourse. But if you want more reader feedback about tips…. an other strategy might be an idea.

    regards Hugo

    • SGT

      Hey Hugo, with all due respect we post ALL of James Corbett’s reports regularly and have done so for years. This was on our radar the moment it was published by James. So although we do appreciate reader tips, I did not see your specific tip and I can assure you that this important piece was scheduled to post today prior to you noting it. But thanks for leaving us tips, we do miss important work & just can’t cover it all despite trying!

      For the record, I am working on creating a new site that will allow for readers to contribute important news stories they find.
      Kind Regards, The SGT Report team

      • Hugo

        Thank you for your reply and words. I just try to give some, what I hope is , constructive feedback. I know Iam from a different culture and thus have different values, social conventions and so on. Let there be no mistake, I love the old USA values of liberty and individual freedom, just as freedoms are destroyed in a breath taking pace here in Europe.

        I had the pleasure to live in your county many moons ago (lol, getting old) as an exchange (high school) student. Back then I already thought that working together based on free will was the best. I have to thank my dad and granddad for that lesson I learned from very young. First I was a trader and then gotten interested, as mr Corbett rightly states in this vid, the money / currency ssytem that dominates us.

        Most funny thing I learned being a student droppend in a different culture is rituals a nation has. Being reenforced by living there a year as a high school senior and thus graduated, great ritual. That thought me about rituals in my country I was not aware of before. A great mirror I learned.

        If you gotten out of this post that the culture I come from have different ways to have social interactions (by lack of a better word I know) Iam happy (smile)

        rambeling off

        regards Hugo

        All I want to say is you are getting global attention sgt report staff, means u are doing a good job. Tip and suggestion even (smile) USA norms and values are different from European values. Just as Asian and European values are and then counties within them differ.. Centralisation or decentralisation. Here it is a ”gossip club” in a negtive way. In Asia its more honor based defaulting for an individual is linked to suicide

        • SGT

          Thank you Hugo, we are very thankful for all of our visitors, and for those of you in other nations, our gratitude. We appreciate the comments and the tips – please keep em coming!

          • Hugo

            Thank your for the kind words SGT/Sean and all your do. I sure will keep adding my little 2cents every now and then here in the future.

            Just curious, so I ask. Does SGT report have an interest in posting German or Dutch stories translated throught google translate and if they are important and bad translated I would consider translating them myself? Ofcourse my English not way perfect thus editing would be liked but not a must if they get posted.

            For example, the biggest story here in Holland is mr Demmink at the moment (though getting less attention now) an ex high placed government official in the defence department and ex head of the justice department of being a phedophile. That affair made the USA threaten Holland with the loss of the court of international justice (sick).

            Another example is mr Wellkink, ex head of the BIS, ex head of the Dutch Central bank and now employed in… China.

            Ofcourse there is also interesting history as mr Schlenger of LaRouchePAC stated well, the Dutch (Holland) and UK invented this system and teamed up back them. Holland has experienced the loss of the reserve currencey status as you know.

            The USA is ofcourse way more open in what gets published so its not much I will add, maybe 1 or 2 pieces a week.

            regards Hugo

      • Eric

        You do great man! don’t sweat the small stuff guys.

    • Gnostic


      Something to think about “if you do a kindness & you tell someone you did it.” It don’t count!

      Humility is strength Ego is not.

    • johns

      THANKS…. You the man !!!!!!!

      HAT TIP to HUGO

      feel better now ? 🙂

      • Hugo

        Nice that your reply has smileys thus thanks :).

        What I like to say is that our cultures, values etc are different. To me it is important to get credit for what I do (actually it is debit, smile). You care what amout of dollars you have. Had to put this in black/white form what I normally do not like. The point I try to make is that what you value as imprortant is not always what I value important. Please keep that in mind.

        All I want to do is post a bit of stuff my from my (cultural etc) pov. I hope u are not drawing the American Exeptionalism card…. City on the hill, that kind of stuff.

        Good thing is I gotten attention (smile). I hope the contributer Gnostic also gets where I come from.

        regards Hugo

  • Willyt2

    I’m not sure whether to call this the bad part or the sad part, but there are so many truths on alternative media sites. Not that I believe all the information as it sometimes hard to check their sources. However my point being is that so very few people even know about alternative sites and are so brain washed by the MSM how do you ever get the word out to enough people so they can see what is REALLY going on in the world.? Could you imagine how long this false picture of the REAL goings on the world would change and how fast people would react if they only knew what TPTB were really up too. How long do you think it would take for people to actually take a stand against TPTB if they only knew. Keep up the good work Sean, you’re site is one of the best for alternative news and I also love the interviews you do always great to listen too.

    • SGT

      Thanks Willy. James Corbett’s work, as I noted in my interview w/ him, is ‘beyond reproach’. He’s the top journalist in alt media imo. Mike Adams, Paul Joseph Watson are right up there too.

      • mangrove

        Paul Joseph Watson? Really? Sean, how do you square his comments the other day (video below) with your belief that Sandy Hook was a hoax (or, at least, didn’t happen nearly the way it was portrayed)? You’re losing me here. Sometimes I get the feeling that if someone scratched your back (InfoWars, for example), you feel obligated to scratch their back and never question them. Please step back, if that is the case. I found SGT because of your interviews with Mark S. Mann and continued push for truth about not only Sandy Hoax, but Boston and of course 9/11.

        Paul Joseph Watson of INFOWARS Thinks Sandy Hook Was Real And No Actors Used

        • SGT

          I think 95% of what PJW reports is accurate and I think he is well researched. We certainly don’t have to agree on everything under the sun mangrove – if we did, what fun would that be?

          • mangrove

            Oh, we definitely don’t agree on every little thing, and that’s never been a big deal. But Sandy Hoax? C’mon, that IS a big deal. You know it, and most everybody on this site knows it.

            This really brings into question PJW’s integrity. The Sandy Hook false flag was so transparent that anyone “well researched” should have no trouble at least questioning the POSSIBILITY that it was staged and the POSSIBILITY that crisis actors were used. PJW categorically states in the video above: “I COMPLETELY REJECTED THAT.” And he’s complaining about ABSOLUTISM in the conspiracy world, when he’s guilty of exactly that in what he stated. Wow. I’m sorry, but that’s just downright inexcusable and stinks of either ineptitude or downright disinformation. And I don’t think he’s inept. And keep in mind that he’s paid to do what he does. Enough said.

            • NaySayer

              In the end I think that the failed Sandy Hoax Operation Gladio style event was only important because it turned into a non-event for the gun grabbers.

              It was a big wake up call for americans.

              It got more people to buy guns all over the country, it got the 2nd amendment people off their asses in a lot of places most prone to a gun grab (NY, Conn etc. CO) and it got some of the gun businesses to wake up and relocate out of anti-constitution states.

              And I think in the end it is what got Pierce Morgan fired. He was supposed to rally public opinion to get the guns the way it worked in Europe and he failed miserably.

              • johns

                ..”anti-constitution states.”

                The saddest collection of words ever stated. Although, so true.

                Thanks to all, ( hat tip ), for your contributions.

  • Patty

    Is DEFCON 1 coming?
    McInerney ref’d MH370, saying major news network releasing a book on Sept 7th, will be “earth shattering”..thinks US should go to DEFCON 1..“We may even see a 9/11/14″

    DEFCON 1..PREPARE NOW…”Cannot stress this enough..Be ready”;

    McInerney: US should go to DEFCON 1..“We may even see a 9/11/14..I’m talking very, very soon!”

    ISIS Already in U.S thru Border…’We Should Be at DEFCON 1.. “American cities will be attacked and we should be prepared for it..The American people are in danger”

    ESA Galileo Satellites Were Placed In The ‘Wrong’ Orbit..
    .. Next launch ‘September 11’ .. carrying satellites into orbit for Malaysian & Australian .. ‘Mistakenly’ launched into LOWER orbit a Coincidence?

    U.S. Hypersonic Weapon “Detonated” Seconds After Test Launch in Alaska —
    US Military’s “Prompt Global Strike” program – Development of hypersonic warheads – launch a “kinetic” weapon from an “orbiting” space platform – strike anywhere in the world within an hour – convince China/Russia to ignore their early warning systems during nuclear conflict .. Army’s “Advanced Hypersonic Weapon” 1st tested in 2011 in Hawaii – precision conventional weapon with an endo-atmospheric non-ballistic trajectory, much lower and flatter than an ICBM, prevents other nations mistaking it as a nuclear-tipped missile – – “Pentagon had never been clear about its plans for the weapon..” (Reuters, AP, Wash Times, Wikipedia) ;

    … Malaysian airlines in the midst of ‘private’ takeover by Khazanah Nasional as part of an expected major overhaul (8/26 Yahoo News).

    … Australian plane Hijacked

    Lizard Squad Divert Plane Carrying the President of Sony

    Lizard Squad may not be responsible for hacker attacks..FamedGOd takes credit

    “FameGod” an Anonymous member Behind DDoS Attack. (Wait, I thought they said it was Lizard Squad?! They can’t get their groups right..Lizard Squad, Anonymous, FameGod, ISIS.. story and players evolving)

    DDoS Attacks.. US Govt: ‘hactivist’ NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS TO INFRASTRUCTURE and threats against citizens of the US…
    — “Anonymous” tied to “LizardSquad” —

    ‘Lizard Squad’ invokes ‘JIHAD’, ‘ISIS’; Claims take down VATICAN website

    ISIS/Lizard Squad Tweets Attack On Gaming Co., after hack allegations

    “Anonymous” threatens Ferguson police department

    ISIS “operates like a state with a military”..‘I am more scared than at any time since 9/11′–abc-news-topstories.html

    (Aug 9) ISIS “You should know, you defender of the cross .. soon enough, you will be in direct confrontation .. the sons of Islam have prepared themselves for this day..”

    Is US vulnerable to EMP attack? A doomsday warning, and its skeptics

    “Al Qaeda” set to attack US cities Washington, DC, New York, Northern Virginia, Chicago, and Los Angeles

    – Other News –
    .. Iran supplied weapons to Iraqi Kurdish forces (Reuters)
    .. US court scraps order to seize $100M Kurdish crude in tanker near Texas Gulf (Reuters)
    ..US reportedly begins surveillance flights over Syria (ABC)
    .. Gaza/Hamas ‘piece agreement’, ceasefire
    .. Russia/Ukrain ‘piece agreement’, ceasefire
    .. Syria, China, NKorea warn US against “acts of agression”

    – And –
    Jun 24 CHENEY: There WILL Be Another ‘Massive Attack’ On America …
    Aug 23 WHITE HOUSE: White House Warns of Terror Threat From Islamic State..
    Aug 22 PERRY: ISIS May Already Be in US; Will Attack America If Not Stopped
    Aug 10 GRAHAM : Islamic State WILL attack on US soil..U.S. intelligence predicting ISIS attack in America …
    Aug 8 FEINSTEIN: Feinstein warns of risk of ISIS attack on America..

    • Eric

      Hat tip to Patty!

    • Scott Wolf

      Oh no. I couldn’t care less about another false flag attack by the US Govt on it own people. Just pray you don’t fall victim to it.

      You mean an unsecure border and never ending CIA sponsored black ops since 9/11 might result in another domestic terror attack?

      I invite everybody to research CIA links to ISIS in 2012. This whole thing is a backdoor into a Syrian invasion. We(The United States) are a welfare/warfare state of the highest order.

  • Sam

    Gotta really do a double take at the blonde female arff arff arff’s evidence being social media references and the ol’ case closer aka common sense…? What?

    Not that I have anything against fairly good looking blonde ladies but, was there a reason why she in particular was chosen to present the incredible lines of empty headed illogical nonsense? Mmmm…

    Add the blonde haired bimbo delivery herself with a name that barks to that list of crazy coincidence anomaly factoids surrounding the enigma of the doomed flight 8-/

  • Karnouplous

    Was that Pentagon spokesman Harf?
    Please do not show that bitch unless you have barking, “arf, arf” sounds in the background.
    This is what Celente does on his Trends in the News and I approve.

  • Sayldog

    I really like James Corbett, but he has got to work on his pronunciation of those Russian names!

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