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Obama is treated by the media as someone who is trying to bring about peace, when in fact everything he is doing is pushing us closer to the moment where thermonuclear war is inevitable… We’re under domination of this banking cartel which is destroying our physical economy and using us as a military force against those countries that actually want to break out of this transatlantic collapse.” – Harley Schlanger, historian and National Spokesman for LaRouchePAC

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  • AgShaman

    I enjoyed listening to this “convo”

    The power of positive thinking is terribly underestimated these days.

    Why stay….if you don’t think we can win?

    • Meat Eater

      AgShaman, who is ‘we’?

      Do you mean the American people? They have already lost every single battle with thier masters and controllers and are currently marked for and heading towards complete destruction/enslavement (at best serfdom). I am astounded that so few can even begin to see it is now too late to do anything other than protect themselves and thier families by getting out of the way.

      Do you mean the Brits? They are even further down the pit than the Americans (heck, they cant even ‘legally’ defend themselves, and its 10 years to life in prison for any British citizen caught with a firearm on the street). The Brits re even more surveiled and controlled than the Americans, and they had GCHQ decades before the NSA was born.

      Do you mean the Europeans?. They are somewhere between the Brits and Americans, but are again being set up to host the next major war (they have hosted the bulk of the last two world wars, how much more can that continent take for petes sake?).

      I appreciate your optimism, but the West is going down, and going down hard and fast.

      The American continent is special because it has never hosted a major modern war, and certainly has never experienced the hell of a global war – like the European and African continents have.

      I feel the next war will change that, and hell will be unleased unpon the largly soft, ignorant, spoilt, tecnologically dependent, and woefully unprepared masses of north america. Look at the old photos and film archives and see what London, Berlin, Stalingrad, and countless other European cities endured. There is no way on this green Earth that the selfish and ethnically conflicted and divided American people could survive a week of that hell – much less the years that the Europeans did. The people would feed on each other – certainly not work together. Just one day without TV or the cash machines or the stores and the zombies will be out doing as much damage as the bombs. It would be an act of kindness to use a direct burst nuke and get the suffering over with, rather than an emp on most US cities and prolong the misery (in the outstanding book, ‘One Second After’, much the same conclusion is reached).

      My gut tells me America is going down. If the duel passport holding Zionists and nazis running the US regime cannot provoke the Russians to engage the US mainlaind, they sure as hell will provide a suitable false flag to get this show on the road.

      It is planned that eventually, out of the ashes, phoenix like, will come the new North American Union and the new European Union which will ver time merge to eventually form the NWO wet dream of the one world Goverment, one world economic system, and one world religion.

      Whatever happens, false flag, hot war, economic collapse, or all three, I would not want to be in any Western city when the go signal is given.

      • AgShaman

        If you have to ask…then you are truly clueless.

        I am speaking about the people of this country (USA), that are awake and aware (not the zombies or the free **** army in bed with the welfare distributing politicians and sellout b-crats.

        I am also including the other people on this planet that are watching from afar….hoping that the other angry 99%’ers like myself make a stand here and now.

        Be honest with yourself. The world is full of free thinking people that know the score. Unfortunately, because the majority of the people from other countries on this planet were too weak and nutless to make a proper stand…and gave up their guns willingly….the problem with the syndicate international banksters falls to us. When I say we….I mean the men and women that are willing to get bloody and die on their feet before they relinquish their sovereignty to the NWO that ‘pines’ for their one world govt. utopia. Cast aspersions and second guesses all you want….but the “candycorns” from around the globe have been relegated to armchair quarterbacks at this stage of the game. Yes,”we” may fall….and if “we” do fail….will you be enjoying your prison planet of rationed water and resources till the end of time?

        Yes, Americana has a lot of weak freeloaders and soylents that I would not want to waste a bullet on. They are merely fodder that is in the way and hampering any positive movement in the direction of a free world untethered from the parasites dragging down this planet. These zombies are the biggest abusers and biggest problem with the present system. They give sanction and license to the criminals running amuck for centuries because of their cowardice and ignorance. I doubt they will be coming out the other side intact…regardless of the outcome.

        If you want to stand by and hand over complete control of the planet to the same families of parasites that have riddled this earth with cancer so be it. I on the other hand, regard myself as the top of the food chain, both physically and mentally. I have no time for subjugating myself to these parasites.

        My suggestion….lay off the soy products, take the cell phone out of your front pocket, filter the fluoride out of your drinking water. Open up your third eye and get angry about how you’ve prostrated yourself to a band of theiving, pedophile, devil worshipping criminals.

        Submission is for slaves. If that is your lot in life…enjoy your slavery

  • mangrove

    Thanks. Great interview. I particularly loved the way you both talked about the Israel/Palestinian situation — spot on.

    I don’t really understand how impeaching Obama achieves anything, unless he’s not the only one to go. I mean, I’d love to see it happen, but not if President Biden is the result. Harvey completely understands the corruption of both parties, so perhaps there’s a strategy here that I just don’t understand (or haven’t researched enough).

    • wauhoo

      Agreed. Superb interview once again.
      I have thought about the impeachment, then Biden, issue. Biden is all smile with a 90 IQ, maybe? Heaven help us!

      • SGT

        Thanks for tuning in guys, I saw Ag’s and mangrove’s comments last night at 1:00 am or so but was logged out already and too tired to log back in to reply. I think impeaching Obama would send a MUCH NEEDED message to the rest of the world – and to other corrupt US politicians. Sadly, I doubt it will happen.

        • Eric

          You never know man. It would be wonderful to see sooner rather than later but it may still take a while. I think you’re right, it would send a positive message to the rest of the world, but the morons are still obsessed with the trinkets. We may need to see $100 steaks and $30 lattes first before more start to question everything.

          But we’re going to see what Pluto looks like very soon with New Horizons and are you familiar with the QEG? Star Trek isn’t really that far away. Humanity just isn’t ready for it yet. They still need to grow up a lot.

          Great time to be alive! Keep up the great work! Love the interviews. You’re on the front lines. I got your back. 😉

  • Nd60

    my last post didnt reach you here… somehow…
    by divine intervention or smth… suppose…
    had some bits in there that may have been useful
    but again perhaps it was way to long….
    and somewhat dark and unnecessary ‘rage porn’ quality…


    some more thoughts for the day?

    How Democracy Made Central Banking Possible

    mua agree… and as the old ancient saying…
    to stop the shit flowing down the long winding river
    and making a mess along the way
    and splatter with a BOOM at the end
    one must resolve at its origin…
    however steep the climb and raging the river and stinking the smell
    there is no guaranteed any who swim against the flow lives to tell the story
    yet there lies the choice
    to swin for or against
    and that is your LIFE story this time you came to earth
    and the rest who sit by in fear/ignorance are silently consent
    to be swept away as part of the shit
    should the brave not be back in time
    or at all….

    be safe.

  • douglas

    Great interview Sean! While the unfair and unjustified demonization of Putin for the benefit of Western Banker interests is of huge importance, to me the most insightful information to be taken from this interview was the six-minute segment (14:15-20:15) in which you tactfully posed to Mr Schlanger the Jewish Vs Zionist issue and he accurately responded with a brilliant disertation. I can only hope that this will help clear up the matter for other listeners who have mistakenly judged all jews because of the actions of the proverbial ¨bad apples¨ within their group. For those still in doubt ponder this – Is it fair for the people of the world to judge all of us (grouping us with the American Sheeple), just because our bankers (and other elite) are hell bent on never-ending wars and world hedgemony while the majority of Americans do nothing to stop them?

  • Gnostic

    In a just world we would have a Ron Paul/Harley in the Whitehouse.

  • Dissolution

    Good points on Israel/religion, Harvey.

    Rev 3:9 Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie– I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you.

    • Jacobson

      The only synagogue of satan with people who say they are “jews” is the VATICAN STATE .
      It’s the only state-church in the world .
      Iv’e been to many synagogues in my life and the only thing I saw was people give cherity , pray , smiling to each other and trying to rise their spirtuality .

      • Jacobson

        And I just learned something new about christianity :
        The REV book like most of the christian books were written in hebrew-aramic and that’s what the logic says to me too since it all happend in Israel .

        In the aramic language , like arabic and hebrew there’s a word “Kanissa” which means “a place of gathering” .
        In arabic the word “kanissa” is used both for church and synagouge .
        In hebrew we say “beit keneset” (=house of gathering) .

        So when Jesus said “Kanissa” , he didn’t mean synagouge , it’s the people who translated it changed it .

        You believe me ? don’t .
        Go and check for yourself these words in arabic and hebrew :
        “synagouge” “church” “house”

        Ouch .

        • Dissolution

          “In arabic the word “kanissa” is used both for church and synagouge .”

          “So when Jesus said “Kanissa” , he didn’t mean synagouge , it’s the people who translated it changed it .”

          “You believe me ?”

          Well, with your written logic, I’m not sure what to believe, to be honest. But I see that you take scripture to mean ALL Jews. But clearly it is not written that way. ‘Don’t believe me?’

          I think that you think that there can’t be any individuals in this world who would falsely wear the Jewish label to bring their nefarious plots to fruition. And yes, that includes Jesuits et al. But come on man, you’re honestly gonna defend EVERY single person who claims to be Jewish? Even Christians do presume to do the same.

          BTW, in the Aramic language, what is the word for Jew?

          • Jacobson

            Synagogue is were jews pray so by using this word people generalize the jews and not the “very few who pretend to be jews” .
            Synagogue is a place and not people , I’m defending the place I pray and not the people just like anyone of you that will defend his church/mosque/temple he is praying (and if you are atheist that’s fine) .

            I’m not defending every jew beacuse he is a jew ,
            but it makes me upset that people who can’t even speak the language Jesus spoke are taking his WORDS and interpret it to blame others .
            Ask Chris Duane (I used to watch his videos) and since he said that Israel is the synagogue of satan he blamed the ALL people who live in Israel which most of them just want to live .

            So I used some logic inorder to clarify that in the three languages Hebrew , Arabic and Aramic which are the languages that Jesus spoke , and wrote his ideas he didn’t mean “synagogue” but “a place of gathering” .
            Arabic : ‘Kanissa’ = church or synagogue
            Hebrew : ‘Knesiya’ = church , ‘beit-kneset’ = synagogue
            Aramic : ‘Knesset’ = church or synagogue
            Anyone can understant that there’s a common root for these words :

            The English language is much younger than Jesus so people who translated the books to English chosed a specific word : People were mislead .

            Again , you can go to google translate and see for yourself if I’m talking BS or truth .
            As for “how you say jew in aramic?” : ‘Yehoda’a’
            In Hebrew : ‘Yehoodi’
            Arabic : ‘Ya’hoodi’
            (And this example just shows that the logic I used is true)
            Oh Jesus , your followers can’t read your words !

      • Gnostic

        Jewish World News

        Dr. Ruchama Weiss ▪ Rabbi Levi B

        Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel

        Members of tiny community who believe Jesus was the Messiah complain of threats, harassment and police indifference. ‘It is their right according to freedom of religion to maintain their religious lifestyle,’

        Christ was about “Blessed are the peacemakers” can’t have any of that can we? No shekels & mammon in that.

        • Jacobson

          You took an article from few years ago and wrote about it like it is something that happens everyday in Israel .
          Christians,muslims and jews are all free in Israel to worship whatever they want .
          Jerusalem is opend to ALL people (when was the last time it was open to all???) .

          There are FEW CRAZY PEOPLE in Israel just like in any other place in the world .
          Don’t you have KKK in u.s ?
          Aren’t there radical muslims and christians ?

          I’m not even speaking about the way christians are treated in the middle east .
          Search for yourself about the Coptic church in Eygpt , the christians in Iraq and Lebanon (many of the lebanese are now in Australia) .
          I have an arab christian friend , he lives in my neighbourhood and we used to work together when we were teenagers , All of his friends are jews and and arabs .

          Gnostic…You simply full of hatred !

          • Gnostic

            Jacobson, Jacobson, Jacobson….

            The Ku Klux Klan was founded by Albert Pike, a thirty third degree Mason. Masonry is a Jewish machination, as Rabbi Isaac Wise famously commented that “Freemasonry is Jewish …

            “The real haters are the 1st to call everyone else haters” Gnostic Quote

    • Nd60

      Rev 3:7 And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;

      so? are you the angel of the church of Philadelphia?

      If not nobody is bowing down at your feet.
      and you also have chosen particular translation
      which is open invitation for all who read question what is inside of you.
      and how do you know the letter is for you? just by claiming the name? what name? what blood?
      what is the key of David? what is it for and to open what?
      why was this book chosen and the book of thomas rejected?
      who decide and how is it decided that the bible is closed and no other book is to be recognized and truth?

      its the book of revelation, a very special book,
      at best its seems to tell of event yet in the future in very mythical language/code,
      and its almost definitely not written in the language, culture and meaning as you know in the white modern world.

      i too was a god-chaser and i wanted to know the truth about this world and everything that is in it.
      i even ‘separated’ from my blood family of other belief to find god all the way to master of fishy-man theology.
      i can counsel your pastors and have access to all your famous and christian archaeology writers.
      yet i will put it as gently as possible, “pls be careful”
      your good intention (if that be the cause inside of you) can have very damaging consequence in real life (yours included)
      and if you believe indeed all your words are recorded for judgement day
      you dont want to blaspheme against god spreading more half-truth do you?

      again if one bet all in for one horse and that horse loses,
      the only outcome naturally is nonredeemable death.

      think about it what in this world can be the full truth and absolute truth?
      you already know back in the garden, half truth was told and curse happened
      and now we are here…
      is it possible you, for all humanity in all history,
      billions and trillions of soul born into a body and died,
      you, the special one, know the truth and can decipher the book of revelation?

      just leave the book of revelation alone… pick something else…
      any other verses any other book even the book of adam and eve or modern oppression issues
      those of this human wack the other human stuff… oh how bad are they stuff…
      or at least dont drop what is called bird shit in the bible circuit by quoting some verse
      as if it is larger than life and wholly representing god’s (and by extension your) glory
      show us what you understand as the context and content of the verse.

      hmmmmm… few thing still get mua this much workout and i careless about almost nothing any more…
      i care for the soul that is running all of you beyond this hologenic life and felt the concern to write.
      but its your (given) choice and your choice alone, and the consequence thereafter.
      there is smth greater than this story dont you agree/feel it?

      keep your faith ppl.
      its a mysterious and yet very powerful gift from god to this species call human.
      just dont presume you know god.
      you know about god as you are told and read about something like that.
      there is a grand plan beyond our 10% brain matter can know.
      and its a huge difference btwn know and know about.

      let god be god and let him/her/the one do his/her/the one thing.
      and yes the vac is a very problematic and deadly issue
      and we just have to keep working on it until such time its no more.
      we have to clean up our mess, even that be ourselves.

      p/s btw any of you watch ‘Lucy’ yet? is it any good? 😀

      be safe.

      • The church of Philadelphia refers to the Ajna Chakra or the “Third Eye” or “The Eye of Wisdom”. Anybody with any reading comprehension skills that reads Revelations chapter 1 knows that when Jesus shows John his 7 “candlesticks” or “Lamps” depending on The Bible you read, knows that Jesus was showing John his 7 Chakras. Jesus calls his Chakras “Churches”. And after Jesus opens the seals of the 7 “Churches”, he is one with GOD.

        This sounds exactly like what the Kundalini Yoga Masters say that when you open your 7 Chakras, you reach Samadhi (absorption in The Divine)

        REV 1:12 I turned around to see the voice that was speaking to me. And when I turned I saw seven golden lampstands, 1:13 and among the lampstands was someone like a son of man.

        Jesus taught and preached Kundalini Yoga! Revelations doesn’t talk about what is to come, it talks about what is.

        • Nd60

          😀 😀 😀 ….. dear me….

          this would be a serious contender for the wording on my tomb stone…



          nevertheless hope you open your 7 chakras
          its quite wonderful you know?
          it almost like you reach the zero point field as describe by the astrophysics
          or you called it absorption in the Divine
          Hope you get there (if you are not there yet)
          quite wonderful there…

          and thanks
          mi dont really know if you are a hardcore joker
          or you have some divine connection
          but i just laughed off my s 😀 prob keep me somewhat alive for the wk

          anyway theres some serious sh1t blowing up everywhere…
          back to mi box 6 ft under… 😀

          be safe

  • Gnostic

    BBC Russia accidentally aired a truthful report about HM17 – The Video Report Deleted by the BBC – ENG SUBS

    Just like they did with the video were they claimed that the Salomon building (WTC7) had collapsed 20 minutes before it actually happened. That video have also been deleted from BBC’s archives.

    Before they deleted it was saved by watchful internet users and have now been uploaded many times to internet.

  • Dissolution

    [not sure if credible, but….]

    Sunday, July 27, 2014
    Warning of Impending Terrorist Acts by the Kiev Junta

    Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov
    #1 – Warning from Anton Guryanov

    “Comrades, Friends, Brother and Sisters,

    I, Anton Guryanov, speaking on behalf of the Resistance Forces that I have the honour to represent, will now make an official address. The text of the address is in front of me, and, in order to make no mistakes, I will refer to it, from time to time.

    According to our information, the Nazis of the Kiev Junta are planning to conduct a major terrorist act in the next several days. Or a series of terrorist acts. On the territory of Ukraine….”

  • Sam

    The frank review of the situation in Ukraine is sorely needed given all of the BS Washington and their Presstitutes are spewing. Serious WW4 provocations have developed since, which are clearly being fomented and escalated by the west, Russia will “not sit it out” they are being threatened with all out war!

    @ 8:14 you mention my comment, thanks, on the Sergei Glasyev presentation who spells it all out from beginning to end. The presentation is truly a “MUST LISTEN” and one where it will never see the light of day in the Lame Stream News outlets of the west.

  • jn dewolf

    “And on Earth; Peace to men of GOOD WILL” (willing to accept & obey God). The 1st Bible is quite different from the 50 different subsequent ‘bibles’ (invented since luther’s apostasy) missing 7 books from OT plus other biased changes in both. Over 2600 intentional errors in kjb…Both books reveal 1 Lord, 1 Baptism (under new law) & 1 Faith. Had to learn that late in life. We’re judged soon based on Divine truth rather then ignorant insipid prideful opinions which can’t be infallible. Rome is now the “seat of the anti-Christ”, as prophecised, without a true Pope in over 50 yrs. Commies infiltrated seminaries with over 1100 commie/perverts in 1930s. What a well deserved curse! “Let His blood be upon us, our children & our children’s children”. Most reject learning what they don’t know about 1st century Christianity (new law). They’d rather hate/destroy our Lord & His Church. So few left. The Prince of the world appears to have won.

  • DVSurfer

    I agree the cabal can be beaten and I feel quite awake to the “big picture” and what is really happening. I feel discouraged because I want to do something but feel powerless. They have all the weapons. If we pick up weapons and fight them: 1) I wouldn’t even know who to fight and 2). Isn’t that exactly what they want? Violence and killing anger hate is their paradigm…how do we create a new one with the same flawed values. I feel powerless save the convictions of my consciousness and faith that they can be defeated. Is there more I can do? I do not live “off the grid” but no longer bank with them, hold no more debt, do not watch their propoganda, no longer invest in the market etc. etc. Just feel we are waiting for things to happen.

    • Nd60

      if i may have your permission to speak to you DVsurfer
      as another stranger along the path…
      i prob hate myself for doing this
      but what the heck its in my stars…

      Oh no… you are very powerful and the weapon is btwn your 2 ears
      all wars are won and lost in the mind even b4 and w/out a single shot fired.
      is this one of those positive thinking? OH NO thats for the optimist or marketing ppl
      when your mind is right it is like a fertile ground and the invisible hands/god can do wonders with it
      as i said this is not your war to fight and definitely not alone
      you are to learn as much and be as ready as you are guided
      unless you are destine to be the Kennedy calling and hold office and make the law righteous
      you do your little bits
      you can at least learn to keep and foster peace while maintaining high alert and watchful
      you can be a beacon of light or darkness at any one time in your life stages – CHOOSE
      does that mean you will be saved? OH NO.
      does that mean you will be spare from sufferings? OH NO
      does that mean you will be rich? rich in what? paper again? or gold and silver? how about rich in peace?

      but my body will still be subject to pain and i hate it! you said
      well stranger…. pain is another name for life BUT suffering is optional.
      you came screaming into this world remember? 😀
      also many who have their limbs blown off at the last WW
      or draw their last breath on the field
      they too have a choose and have to choose how to exit or how to live on

      its true its one of the most troublesome and most difficult dilemma
      you cannot murder a murderer and not have his blood stain on you and you become a murderer
      yet this is where human did not learn anything from history

      will you choose differently?
      some here profess to follow the Jman
      and yet i often wonder do they know what they just signed up?
      2nd coming and BOOM free eternal life? seriously?
      not so sure last time i check the deal well…
      even if itd be true the deal is much complicated than advertised
      m not so sure

      yet peace that everyone knows it
      even the child slave that never allow to see any sunlight in some unknown cave
      knows that feeling of assurance of something someone greater
      who watches over all … is still watching when they cry out w/out sound
      again here i must caution myself not to humanize god
      using all these loose words cater for human understanding and relatedness
      watching in the sense the there is order in this universe/illusory reality/world stage
      though for the untrained eyes it seems only chaos
      there is peace and that is your nature your baseline and why you are fearing to lose
      protect it and keep hold of it as best you can
      even if the body should waste away
      you leave in peace just as you came in peace
      there is a greater cause than mere sounding words of mine here
      may you know beyond words here

      may your god be with you and guide you DV surfer

      and if you are a surfer
      you know the waves no matter how big and gigantic
      if you know the law and are ready
      you can find the tube the passage the escape way thro it all
      and that stranger is the beauty of the invincible of hand scooping you thro…
      and you know peace is not of this world BUT FOR THIS WORLD
      its never up to you to say when is your time up yet.

      hope i hv not wag my own tail too much here… m shutting my hole for awhile now
      peace out 😀

      be safe.

      p/s and once you master peace not of this world, love thy enemy.

  • Tom Aumeg

    What’s most ironic about Netanyahu’s claim on the lands between the rivers based on the Old Testament, is that Netanyahu is not even a believer. Like most modern Israelis, he’s purely secular, yet has maintained that claim on land. And I’ve said it elsewhere, his Zionist orientation rejects all morality, equanimity, and standard of fairness, replacing them with “It’s either good for Jews (more probably Israel as a state) or bad for Jews (Israel), and everything else is irrelevant. So when you’re called anti-Semitic or a Nazi, it’s not for anything you can relate to in terms of harboring unjust attitudes, but only in terms of your opposition to Israel. That’s all that matters.

  • bully

    When are you going to fix the red bull icon so it shows up in browser tabs?

  • CHG

    These Switchfoot lyrics are appropriate. Kind of a review of why this wonderful website and resulting dialogue exists:

    “Selling The News”

    Welcome to the Holy City; the silver screen
    Built with a lens and a low self esteem
    A teenager’s plea for meaning and means
    We’re selling the news

    See, opinions are easier to swallow than facts
    The greys instead of the whites and the blacks
    If you shoot it too straight it won’t come back
    We’re selling the news

    See, money speaks volumes louder than words
    And virtues with wings, maybe not quite at first
    But salaries are paid by the ads not the verbs
    We’re selling the news

    See, all men are equal; all is for sale
    A powerful dog has been chasing his tail
    The lowest common denominator prevails
    We’re selling the news

    I wanna believe you, I wanna believe
    But everything is in-between
    The fact is fiction
    Suspicion is the new religion

    America listens as the story is told
    With the eye on the truth as the story unfolds
    But the ratings determine which story was sold
    We’re selling the news

    Begging the question, mongering fears
    Stroking the eyes and tickling ears
    The truth is seldom just as it appears
    We’re selling the news

    I can see your talking heads
    On the television set
    On the Internet they said
    The fact is fiction

    Suspicion is the new religion

    Substance, oh, substance, where have you been?
    You’ve been replaced by the masters of spin
    Who make good looking books and write history in
    We’re selling the news

    The lines start to blur; I get so confused
    I get shiny new models mixed up with the blues
    I get binary code mixed up with abuse
    The facts are simply one option to choose

    When nothing is sacred, there’s nothing to lose
    When nothing is sacred, all is consumed
    We’re still on the air, it must be the truth
    We’re selling the news

    I wanna believe you, I wanna believe
    But everything is in-between
    The fact is fiction, the fact is fiction

    Suspicion is the new religion

  • Hugo

    Hi Sean,

    Great interview one of your best so far! On the topic about fighting back against evil (so to say) I have one suggestion to make. The reason I started to save in PM is just that. I refuse to save in a bank that is going to make very leveraged bets with my savings that gives them all the power and doing so much evil with it. Even bailing in my savings. Think about it, officially banks are leveraged 30:1 so lets keep it at that for the argument. If you pull just $1000 of savings out of your account that denies them $30.000. If you put it in PM’s then they even have to take care of off to $100.000.

    Other things I do is not visit the Farma maffia whenever I can, just as consuming as little (petro dollar) energy and gm foods. Yes I could save more PM with eating more gm food but I care for my health too much and love them farmers. I also pay everything in cash when I can.

    Might be an idea to bring up these concepts (and I bet there are more) every now and then in your interviews. After all, knowing is more likely to get follow ups. We the tiny ones have that power if we do it in mass. Mind games, we can do it too.

    I think it be cool that it would be shown that say 20k SGT report readers turned cash and say $1500 is withdrawn each month when payday arrived and thus the bankers have (on average) $750 each month less to play and destroy with times 20k (since only used for spending) times 30 smile. A cool 4.5 billion that results in……

    And u know what, I dont care what the ”price” of PM’s does, the gratification no evil can be done with my savings is well worth all the losses.

    regards and keep up the great work and interviews!

  • Hugo

    btw, my English was a bit bad in my previous post since not native English, my excuses for that. I hope your gotten my point. If not, please let me know and I elaborate more how one can use leverage against the banksters if one thinks about it. I thought quite a bit about it since I think it is quite important a weapon.

    After all, the EU and USA seem to be in the same boat sadly (I am from a tiny EU country).

    • SGT

      Thx Hugo, Banks THRIVE on debt and its issuance as you know, so yes – pay off debts, withdraw savings and STARVE the beast(s) in both the US and in the EU…!

  • Sam

    “Political language is designed to make lies
    sound truthful and murder respectable.”

    George Orwell

  • Angel

    A very intelligent and tuned-in man, and one who isn’t afraid to criticize the sacred cow(s).

    It’s refreshing to hear someone discuss geopolitics realistically, rather than reciting the usual lies, myths and fairy tales that can only be believed by those with a third- grade mentality. And sadly, this is what much of society has been reduced to (by design).

    Thanks for posting. I look forward to the next one with Harley.

  • Eric

    Thanks Sean. Always good to hear from Harvey.

    ‘Semitic’ refers to languages, the majority of which is Arabic!

    While the term’s etymology appears to indicate that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic people, the term was in fact coined in Germany in 1860 as a scientific-sounding term for Judenhass (“Jew-hatred”),[2] and that has been its normal use since then.

    Hmmm that’s interesting. Right around the time the bankers killed Lincoln, implemented the Act of 1871, The Federal Reserve Act, Income Tax Act, WWI, and so on.

    Seems a lot like how the swastika, which was an international symbol of peace, became associated with evil in the 1930’s-40’s.

    “Humanity versus with the Banksters.” Damn Straight! They will do anything and everything to divide us!

    If everyone doesn’t get over their petty differences, get informed, and LOVE, we have no future to look forward to I’m afraid.

    Wake up!!! You don’t know as much as you think you do.

  • F16Hoser

    Rothschild Zionist Pigs declare war on Russia!
    Problem is, descent people have to fight their wars. I say, let’s go after the Rothschild’s and all who serve them!!!

    • Eric

      Its always been the Zionists and Rothschilds.

    • Jacobson

      I really don’t get you guys !
      Just TODAY Sergey Levrov (russian foreign minister) said he supports the cease-fire that Eygpt brought and Israel agreed . This is a punch in the stomach to u.s and John Kerry who suggested other cease-fire document .
      As you all know , u.s and Hussein Obama supported the muslim brotherhood and Muhammad Mursi but the eygptian people threw ’em and chosed Abd Al-Fatah Sisi .
      Now Sisi is pro Israel , he keeps the border quiet and working against the smuggling tunnels of Hammas from Sinai to Gaza .
      Israeli leader called John Kerry “A messianic” other officials called him “an alien” .
      We call John Kerry “broom head”

      U.S is very upset on Israel while Russia is very calm and serene .

      Last week when u.s announced it’s not safe to travel to Israel and forced all american airlines to halt all flights , the russian didn’t do anything and left the decision to the people without saying anything like what u.s announced .

      It looks like Israel and U.S are not BFF anymore and the russians noticed it and created closer relations with Israel .

      How can it be that the zionists declared a war on Russia ?
      Putin is a strong and smart man , I don’t think he will fall into the zionist’s hands.
      And if the zionists run Israel , why is he so easy going with Israel ?
      And if the zionists run u.s , why Israel is not a comrade like before ?

      I’m really asking these question and answer like “zionists run everything and it’s part of their plan” isn’t acceptable . Especialy after you claim that zionists are against Russia and we all know Putin is a superman .

      Many israelis speak now about Obama leadership and that the days of alliance are over.
      If you want links and sources for the things I wrote I can provide , but you can find yourself in a quick google search .
      I’m really trying to understand the way you see it beacuse from what we see from here in Israel is that the american empire collapsed and went into a separatist thinking and the new powers that wait like lions for the prey .
      That’s why Russia is deeply involved in Syria , Eygpt , Turkey and now Israel .

      • Jacobson

        One more important thing :
        When U.N voted against the “russian aggression in Ukraine” – Israel didn’t show up for the vote and Obama was very concenred about that .
        Israel slapped in U.S’s face …
        This is one more thing that shows Israel is getting closer to Russia !!!

        • Michael

          Thats because israel inked a deal with Russia to sell gas from it’s Tamar gas field, and did not want to slap Russia in the face. That’s why isreal did not show up for the vote, do your homework . FOLLOW THE MONEY. I would not worry about israel and Russia becoming to close, Putin is a christian and remembers what happened to the Tzar and his family at the hands of Lenin and Lev davidovich bronshtien Trorsky.

          • Angel

            Yes, indeed, I was gonna mention that gas deal in response.

            Business makes strange bed fellows.

          • Gnostic

            Excellent points Michael……Jews are not the only ones who patiently wait generations for revenge

            Now it’s Christian Russia’s time for revenge against these butchers.

            It won’t be pretty…..

            I pray all brainwashed Jews wake up & get out now! Low level Jews have always been useful idiots for the Rothschilds.

        • Gnostic

          Jacobson, When you say John Kerry don’t you mean John Cohen?

      • Eric


        Broom head. That’s funny.

        Zionisim is a political term for a one world religion, one world order, one world king who rules under a one world fascist dictatorship. It’s important to note that this group has come from the Rothschild bankers who have claimed Israel for their luciferian leader, who are working with the royal illuminati bloodlines of Europe, the Nazi P2 Masonic lodge, the church of Rome and the white and black popes. Then you have the think tanks, corporations, banks and on down the pyramid. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. Neither am I. You really need to do some homework. Read some David icke but you need an open mind. Or find your own path. But you really need to look outside the daily headlines and your normal information sources, and good back, follow the money and learn the true version of the last 2000 plus years of history.

        Deals have been made and will be made. The U.S, has always been for their Satanic “new world.”. Putin and BRICS nations aren’t having any of it because the west, particularly the US doesn’t have the Gold so they need a WWIII to depopulate the planet and create their Satanic New World Order.

        It’s basically a battle between the east and the west at this point. But there are a bunch of old men that have had too much power for too long and need to go. No matter how you dice it, it isn’t going to go smoothly.

        We just need more people to wake up. Higher consciousness will create a better world. I am still optimistic for the future. Unfortunately, it really seems as if it will get pretty ugly for a while in our immediate future.

        • Jacobson

          First of all , I have good sources :
          The info I get is from university library , arab world , and israeli concpiracy websites .

          I disagree with the gas deal as a reason for Israel-Russia reciprocity .
          Most of the israelis HATE Obama and appreciate Putin as a leader who takes care for his people .
          Russia doesn’t need israeli gas , they have their own gas plus they are controlling central Asia gas resources and Ukraine of course .
          From the “israeli perspective” it looks like a battle between two empires on the middle east domination , it isn’t new , it started during the cold war and now continues .
          Each one of the empires trying to gather supporters to their side and Israel who was purly on the american side is now in the middle and russians are trying to drag Israel to their side .
          It is a very intresting geopolitical game that continues what started 30 years ago .
          The Russians always were intrested in access to the medeterenean sea :
          From the Ottoman times , to their harbors in Syria-Lebanon
          I’m not saying that tommorow morning all ties between u.s and Israel will be earased but there is a tendency that even israeli sheeple can notice .

          Just yesterday one of the most influental rabbis in Jerusalem called Obama “a dog” and believe me when rabbi says something like that , it can change .
          As for the “jewish world” , according to the prophecies :
          “The kingdom that will conquer Babylon (Iraq) will be against Israel”
          When rabbis said it 10,20,30 years ago people couldn’t believe that but today it seems that people truly believe it can happen .
          My point is that until few years ago , all israelis believed in u.s as a true friend,ally and a source of sanity but today people say it doesn’t that way anymore , it took time to people to “wake up” and I remember the first people who said it .
          Things are moving REALLY fast here in the middle east ,
          China and Russia are now looking like the next patrons of the area .
          Many here supporting China simply beacuse “they never invaded to other countries and never killed our people” <—that's what israeli sheeple say !!!

          It's not just a business … It's MUCH MORE THAN THAT .
          And remember I said it !
          Especialy when the "russian attitude" is to control more areas to have more influence .
          Stay tuned , Il'l bring more info in my next comments to prove my point .
          Something really intresting is going on here , U.S retreat and the China-Russia (BRICS?) are advancing .

          • Dissolution

            Regardless of the logic or credibility in your post, and whether I or anyone else agrees or disagrees with it, I have to say that I much prefer this side of you. You are much more affable when your speaking like this. Leave the “McShit” type of comments at the door; you’re much more intelligent than that. You’ll find people willing to engage you in discourse.

            And I have to say that the rabbit you referenced certainly got it right. Obama is a dog.

  • c.i.

    “thermonuclear war”

    Please do not scare the minions with this.

    It will be “Financialclea war” only.

    Wow! Just made up a new word……………the politician in me I guess

    I need serious help aye?

  • c.i.

    I think Putin “Read Russia spokesmen/ladies” should be heard…………..NOT any interpretations that just get in the way to no real effect.

    My opinion only.


  • iguana green

    After reading a majority of the comments here I really must ask that the lengthy rantings of some people probably never get read. They are too long and actually are just “social statements” and “holier than thou” gibberish. Just an observation.
    try to remember people: briefness and being curt breeds readership.

    This was one of the best interviews from a number of guests that SGT has had on his program. There was passion. There was understanding. The interview was complete and the message could not be ignored. Humanity has lost it’s way.

    But we will find it again. Sadly, not without much pain, death and loss.
    I pray that in the end, humanity will learn from it. But alas, not to be sustained for it is the way of flawed, fallen men and women. History is our latent elixir.

    • Nd60

      well well….

      if only Freud was here
      he can tell who’s balls are bigger here?
      and shall be the holiest of all

      😀 😀 😀

      and unfortunately for human (and its in the genes)
      there is indeed a serious problem with short shortsightedness and attention span…
      if only human learn the full text and the history – the longer and manipulated version

      otherwise its a balls game….
      even here…

      until all is popped and hopefully (and no certainty) one is left standing
      still its almost will be bloody mess
      and no one to clean up
      some say itd be easier to create a new species altogether

      LaRouche is a brave man to be commanded
      but the door seemingly was closed and sealed 100 odd yrs ago…

      be safe

  • petedivine

    Terrible news: Putin issues the dead hand order:

    Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Forces (SNF), states that President Putin earlier today issued a feared “Dead Hand” order not used since 26 September 1983 when the nuclear early warning system of the Soviet Union twice reported the launch of American Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from bases in the United States.

    The issuance of the 1983 “Dead Hand” order, this report says, was in response to a five-day North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) command post exercise called Able Archer 83 that Soviet military officials feared was a “ruse to war”.

    A “Dead Hand” order, it should be remembered, is a Cold-War-era nuclear-control system developed by the Soviet Union and remains in use today and is controlled from the massive and highly secretive underground military city at Mount Yamantau located in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

    “Dead Hand” is an example of fail-deadly deterrence as it can automatically trigger the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity and overpressure sensors. By most accounts, it is normally switched off and is supposed to be activated during dangerous crises only; however, it is said to remain fully functional and able to serve its purpose whenever needed, such as today.

    To Putin’s ordering the “Dead Hand” protocols today, this report continues, is in “direct response” to President Obama’s plan to send US military forces into Ukraine, a hostile war move Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov warned last month would lead to an immediate Russian response by his stating:

  • Long John Silver

    The Blood of Palestine is on the Hands of the Bribe-Takers

  • paw

    Well, turns out that Christine Lagarde is not an all powerful predictor of future events with the number 7 in them. In reality, the elitists plans are stupid and easily seen through. I have to give kudos to the alternative media outlets who have covered this story from the very first minute. When 9/11 happened, it was days or weeks before the alternative media could get the facts out about the event, and that gave the powers that be time to orchestrate emotional influence over the population of the country. Now, however, the alternative media is routinely getting the facts out even before the official narrative has a chance to be conjured up. I think that it’s due to this quick reaction of the alternative media that most people didn’t buy our governments lies, and why the war that the elitists planned to foment with Russia did not pan out. These guys are truly playing “go fish” while Putin and the other world powers are playing speed chess. The people in control of our country are absolute morons.

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