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Massive Social Unrest Coming As People Struggle To Survive

from KingWorldNews:

In the U.S. a huge percentage of the population is receiving some form of government assistance, and the number of people seeking employment continues to fall. The latter is a major factor in the much-touted decline in the unemployment rate. People either have given up or have found government support to be better than working.

Those who have given up often lack critical skills for the modern world. This is not to lay blame on those individuals per se, but the global economy is leaving them in the dust for a variety of reasons. A large part of the blame must be placed on the failure to differentiate between those seeking higher education to foster careers in business or high technology and those whose career paths are best suited acquiring skills to become other professionals such as electricians and mechanics. We have fostered a system where everyone is supposed to attend college but too few receive a useful education, just massive debt. Adding insult to injury, college graduates now face bleak employment prospects.

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1 comment to Massive Social Unrest Coming As People Struggle To Survive

  • mac

    the media and Hollywood has dumbed yanks down into bi-sexual zombies? Or just fear laden wimps?
    Anyway, you yanks better move away. Protesting – like walking with a sign is for baby brains – it gets u nowhere.
    This evil system u feel trapped in is vicious, murderous and has no respect for human life. How many us yanks kill since WWII ? – how many millions since WWII? Find out, you deserve to know where your tax dollars are working. Then write the number on your forehead in bright pink!

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