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Massive Joint Military Training Exercise in Niagara Region Ontario

“…It’s a globalized world.”

from Press For Truth:

Dan Dicks and the PFT team cover Exercise Stalwart Guardian 14 which began on Saturday August 16, 2014 in the Niagara region of Ontario. The military exercise involves several armored regiments and over 2,000 Canadian, American, Scottish and British troops operating in public areas. Stayed tuned to for continuing coverage.

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3 comments to Massive Joint Military Training Exercise in Niagara Region Ontario

  • CHG

    We accidentally wound up in the middle of a long line of American hum vees on I90 last Friday the 15th as we paid the toll to Niagara Falls.
    The attendant joked “you’re in the Army now!”

  • simpel

    Quote from “Entering the Greater Community”

    Living in isolation for so very long, your whole notion of yourself, your notion of Creation and the Divine, are very much associated with this one world alone. Yet so many people in the world today have roots in the Greater Community, for much of their previous experience occurred there before coming into this world in this life.

    Humanity has been broadcasting into space, quite foolishly of course, and so your presence is well known to your neighbors and to other groups who are watching the world with great interest.

    You are like the child entering the metropolis—innocent, assuming, unaware.

    People want many things from visitors here. They expect many things. People feel they are very important in the universe and that others would naturally come here to help you and to give you what you wanted and needed. People think Contact is kind of a thrilling adventure, a holiday from the mundanity of human life. They want to think that this Contact would be very positive and beneficial because they do not have the strength, the courage or the preparation to consider it in any other way.

    Those who will come here and are here already cannot live in the biologically complex world that you inhabit and to which you are adapted. They need human assistance. They need human allegiance. They need human participation in order to gain sovereignty and control here. And they will take advantage of your expectations, your desires, your fantasies and your grievances to establish this position for themselves.

    Look at the history of intervention in your world. Look how easily native peoples succumbed to the presence of foreign intervention. This must not be your fate.

    Here you can see the danger and the seduction of humanity receiving technology and resources from beyond the world. What a great attraction that would be. What a great seduction that is.

    Once you lose your self-sufficiency, everything is lost that you value, for you will not be able to establish the terms of engagement to gain access to those things upon which you have now become dependent. Other nations will determine your behavior and your participation. It is a fact of life.

    More to read at As revealed to God’s Messenger Marshall Vian Summers

  • frank

    Massive? 2500 troops training is massive? They seemed pretty friendly, polite and open to me. Despite the interviewer’s attempt to paint things in a shady/suspect light. Another Alex Jones wanna be.

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