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by William Banzai7, via The Burning Platform:

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2 comments to LOOTERS

  • Rodster

    Ha ha, great pic. 🙂

  • rich

    Tavakoli Structured Finance, Inc.

    Argentina is asserting itself. There are legal debt documents, and their are sovereigns who make their own laws and can pay back what they want when they want.

    If that sounds capricious, recall it was in the 1970’s that the U.S. took itself off the gold standard. We’ll back our currency with hot air if we feel like it, and it seems that a lot of people in Washington feel like it.

    We’re kept paying our debt, but we didn’t pay it back with what we promised, we made it up printed it as we went along. Give us your dollars today, and we’ll pay you back with less valuable dollars tomorrow.

    Why don’t hedge fund managers kick up a fuss about U.S. debt?

    she makes a great point ….

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