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John B Wells & Dave Hodges Want to “Quarantine the Liberals”

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The title may be tongue in cheek. While the concept may have been offered in jest, the sentiment is not, because you will hear John B Wells advocate for quarantining liberals, at least their dangerous ideas which dominate the mainstream media!

John B. Wells is one of America’s most recognizable voices  along with being one of the country’s most popular talk show hosts and you listen to him here.  His talk show, Caravan to Midnight, can be accessed here.

John B. Wells joined Dave Hodges to share his opinions on immigration, World War III and a whole host of other topics, and of course, quarantining the liberals.

Please note that the interview begins 6 minutes into each hour:
Listen to John Wells Part 1, Listen to John Wells Part 2

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4 comments to John B Wells & Dave Hodges Want to “Quarantine the Liberals”

  • Eric

    I like this idea. It would solve a lot of our problems. Also, please include leftists, communists, marxists, collectivists, progressives, morons, assholes, idiots, and imbeciles.

    None of them produce anything of value. Just bullshit.

    Our lives would be vastly improved.

  • NaySayer

    I really thought better of SGt report than to publish this kind of fake left v. right divisive crap. You claim you know it is the banksters plot to divide and conquer and then some hater with admin priveleges choses to post this.

    • mangrove

      I’m not going to beat up on SGT for publishing this, but I do agree that the title itself is very divisive, just on the face of it. I haven’t listened though, and don’t have time to. By placing blame on one political ideology (and how exactly is “liberal” defined nowadays, given the massive blur between the political parties?), this kind of fictitious dream of a “solution” is just playing right into the hands of the globalist elites by falling right into their divide and conquer game.

      What we need is to WAKE UP the liberals AND the conservatives, not to attack one “side” or the other and put them on the defensive. Seems a very juvenile approach, and certainly not one that’s going to change anything for the better.

      All that said, I’m a recovering liberal and have lost friends because of being awake. Those former friends decided to side with the elitist enemies (specifically Dianne Feinstein on gun control). But, if I’d been a conservative before waking up, I would have lost friends who embrace “conservative” politicians as well (anybody remember the Bush Crime Family?). See, I’m an equal opportunity truther! 🙂

      • Angel

        Couldn’t have said it better myself, as my life has been very similar.

        Funny, there’s one particular obnoxious character who comments on this site often (but not lately…hmmm…) who actually went so far as to call me a leftist (among other things) in one of the his posts. LOL! It’s been a while since someone threw THAT at me!

        Otherwise, I’m usually referred to as a right-wing extremist or something of that nature. Wrong again!

        All of this labeling, if not done out of ignorance, is done for the purpose of keeping us divided. And as much as I like some of the things Dave Hodges has to say, I must say that something doesn’t sit right with me about that man.

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