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ISIS Threatens Mall in Charlotte, NC

from Bill Still:

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5 comments to ISIS Threatens Mall in Charlotte, NC

  • Hannon

    ISIS threats don’t scare me if that’s the effect they(who ever they really are) are going for, it just causes my wife to load up her purse with extra magazines. If they are trying to scare our rights away from us and kill the growing militia type culture, this will have the opposite effect, they’d have better results from handing out unlimited free beer and pot, and it would probably be cheaper.

  • F16Hoser

    Government Funded ISIS. I like they way they brought a Briton into the staged beheading False Flag. British Parliament wanted nothing to do with a new war in Syria (NATO’s/Rothschild/Rockefeller’s war). So now, Cameron can use the beheading as a way to sell the war in Briton. So obvious a Caveman can comprehend!

  • Troy

    ISIS is CIA…if there is an attack…it is 100% false flag. They must think we are dumb.

    • Ed_B

      No, they do not think it, they KNOW it. After all, do we not return charlatans to congress decade after decade, even though we KNOW that they are crooks, sleaze balls, and douche bags? Yes, we do… and we ARE getting the government we deserve, dammit it all, anyway. 🙁

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