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Is Your Self Worth, Affecting Your Net Worth?

from silverfish VT·:

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4 comments to Is Your Self Worth, Affecting Your Net Worth?

  • Eric


    Don’t forget to watch this one…

    LIFE U-TURN!!!!

  • I really enjoyed this talk and is just what I needed right now. Putting expectations into perspective, while being honest with myself…. Valuable advice. Thanks!

  • Angel

    Yes, another good one. There are many ways we can empower ourselves, and getting control of our financial situation should be a standard. Life will flowing with a surprising level of ease, and other challenges will melt away as we meet them head on, once we take this step and begin making progress.

    It’s amazing how concentrating on this one thing can alter our lives in a dramatic way, allowing us to concentrate more fully on the subtleties of personal and spiritual exploration, even amid the negativity, horror and barbarism of the modern world (the VERY TIME we need to strengthen such things).

    Thanks for posting.

  • Dissolution

    And nice coin! Legal tender, 5 dollar face. 500k mint. Bought some.

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