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How Will You Know What Has Happened When ‘IT’ Happens?

by Lizzie Bennett, Underground Medic:

One day something huge is going to happen, something that alters our lives, all of our lives, for at least a generation and possibly longer. Most people consider that losing all access to electrical power will be the one thing that wipes tens of millions of people from the face of the planet.

Opinions vary as to what will cause that catastrophic failure. An electromagnetic pulse, either natural or manufactured, a massive coronal mass ejection from a solar flare, a terrorist attack on the computer control systems or just a lightening strike causing a cascading failure of an outdated power grid by blowing a transformer or six that blacks out a chunk of the country.

The question is if it is something that is country wide, or even bigger and maybe affecting a whole hemisphere of the planet, will we ever really know what caused it? Will knowing what caused it actually matter at that point? More importantly, are you ready for such an event?

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