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How safe is your Money? Five Major U.S. Banks Hacked this month

from Off Grid Survival:

The FBI is investigating five major bank security breaches this month that experts think may have come from state-sponsored hackers in Russia. The attacks, which happened earlier this month, gave hackers access to gigabytes of checking and savings account data that could be used to drain accounts.

JPMorgan Chase was one of at least five US banks hit by the hacking attack, where hackers extracted data by using a sophisticated malware that reportedly infected employee’s desktop computers.

Last year Chase was hit by another Hacking attack that temporarily wiped out their customers’ accounts, causing millions of chase customers to see a balance of $0 when trying to withdraw funds. Chase later claimed the issue was caused by technical difficulties, but hours after the attack the hacker group anonymous claimed credit for the vanishing balances on Twitter.

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1 comment to How safe is your Money? Five Major U.S. Banks Hacked this month

  • Angel

    I would hope that those who frequent this site understand that it isn’t wise to keep loads of cash in the bank, but rather, just enough to pay the bills. Or better yet, keeping your cash in the local (NON-FEDERAL!) credit union.

    It sure looks to me as though we’re being prepped for the big one. Such a cyber attack will serve as the reason for the collapse, and will allow TPTB a convenient excuse to escape the burden of responsibility. Or so they believe.

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