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How Are People Going To Dispose Of Their Trash, Garbage, And Waste After TSHTF?

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

So imagine this – the (systemic) systems around you have come to a halt – those which most people count on to always be there and functioning for us – including the trash collection that stops by your house once-a-week to collect your garbage and trash.

Let’s say that it all stops. While life must go on and you must make do, how will you dispose of the trash and garbage which you may be producing while you continue to survive?

It’s a hypothetical question, and is intended to encourage you to think about the subject.

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7 comments to How Are People Going To Dispose Of Their Trash, Garbage, And Waste After TSHTF?

  • Eric

    -Aluminum cans can be cut or melted down and shaped into new items. Crush them to maximize storage.
    -Plastic bottles can be cut and reused for a number of items. Or cleaned and used for storing items. Plus they float. Lots of possibilities here.
    -Glass jars and bottles can be reused.
    -Much of the kitchen waste can be tossed in the compost bin or worm pile. If you don’t have one, start one. Make sure ants can’t get in.
    -Bones, Bread, eggs gone bad probably best to get tossed to the birds or vermin away from home.
    -cardboard can be burned or reused. Paper can be shredded for all sorts of purposes. Shredded newspapers can be used in the worm bin. For animal bedding.
    Plastic bags and wrapping can be cleaned, dried and reused or pack it tight into your trash bag which shouldn’t have much else in it.
    -Going to the bathroom. Best to squat not sit. Get it out and bury it. Good for your soil.

    I have found if you set up good habits, get organized, you don’t have much trash to throw out. Most can be reused or disposed of properly. Some things are a problem depending on your lifestyle but creativity is key.

    It would be great to hear any additional ideas anyone has had on this topic.

  • Gerald

    Well,before there was garbage pick up I burned my trash. What’s left after that I would just bury in the ground.


    Eric, you got it!!! Can’t beat that “Worm Ranching”!!!

  • Angel

    I think there’s gonna be plenty of fireside chats!

  • Ed_B

    Hygiene will be a critical issue after the SHTF. Even minor cuts and scrapes that get infected can become BIG health problems.

    Getting care from a health professional will be dicey at best. Many of us will be lucky to get help from a nurse or a veterinarian.

    Above all, we must keep ourselves clean to be as disease-free as possible. Be sure to stock plenty of soap of various kinds. We stock up at the local dollar stores, buying several bottles of liquid hand-washing / dish-washing soap at one time. Bleach and hydrogen peroxide are also great disinfectants.

    When cooking, separate meat and veggies. Ideally, have a separate cutting board for each and clean them with soap and water regularly. Use a little diluted bleach on them from time to time as well.

    As to the bathroom, sewage pumping will probably stop along with electricity, so keep the time-honored tried and true outhouse in mind. These are easy to build and likely will come in real handy at some point. If these are not allowed in your area due to code, just don’t use it (for now) and call it a yard decoration or tool shed. 😉

  • Sayldog

    Garbage? How about bodies?

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