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Gold Stocks’ Major New Up Leg

by Adam Hamilton, Gold Seek:

The gold stocks are almost certainly in the early stages of a major new upleg. Given the widespread apathy and antipathy still plaguing this beaten-down sector, that’s hard for most traders to swallow. But the gold stocks’ performance this year has already been outstanding. And heading into gold’s strong season, their gains should only accelerate. Gold stocks’ overdue mean reversion higher is well underway.

Gold stocks are the Rodney Dangerfield of the investment world, they get no respect. Wall Street hates alternative investments that can entice capital away from its beloved stock markets. And since gold not only dominates that category but rallies when general stocks are weak, it is all the more loathed. So it and its miners’ stocks are usually ignored and sometimes ridiculed. Gold stocks just aren’t politically-correct.

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1 comment to Gold Stocks’ Major New Up Leg

  • Ed_B

    “Gold stocks just aren’t politically-correct.”

    Those of us who make money via investing do not care if we are “politically correct”. It is sufficient if we are correct!

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