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Global Financial System: On Life Support

from LockOn Productions:

hat tip: hugo

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1 comment to Global Financial System: On Life Support

  • Hugo

    thanx for posting, next time I post something I think is interesting Ill leave a nice discription u guys can copy paste to introdue it if u do decide to post the ‘point of view’.

    Fiat, (real) gold and energy. MSM even wrote lots about physical for oil before Bretton Woods ended. Right after that ”event’ the OPCEC and petro Dollar were born, almost twins considering when they were made. As the saying goes, every 40ish years we have a currency reform, every 100 years a new reserve currency. But then u have the triffin dilemma if u have the reserve currency. 5 countries went before you with all the horror and the Dollar will be the 6th…. Is there a willing 7th to have this misery another century?

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