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Ferguson Is A Perfect Example Of How Quickly The Streets Of America Can Descend Into Chaos

from The Economic Collapse Blog:

Rioting, looting, burning down stores and shooting police officers – is this about to become the “new normal” in America? What we just witnessed happen in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri is a prime example of how quickly the streets of America can descend into chaos. There is so much anger and frustration in this country, especially among our young people, that all it takes is a “trigger event” to spark a wildfire. In this case, it was the shooting of an unarmed black teen by a police officer. According to the police, 18-year-old Michael Brown got into a physical altercation with an officer and was subsequently shot. Word spread quickly throughout the community, and protests were rapidly organized. But the protests didn’t stay peaceful. People started chanting “kill the police” and throwing rocks and bottles. Store windows were smashed, the looting began, and people went absolutely crazy. And it wasn’t just a few people that were doing the looting. Huge mobs of people looted stores all over Ferguson. At one point an ATM was even dragged out of a QuikTrip gas station and a while after that the store was set on fire. But this is what happens when things descend into chaos. The owners of those stores didn’t have anything to do with the shooting of Michael Brown, but the violence got directed at them anyway. And someday when we see similar scenes erupt in major cities all over the nation, it won’t matter what your political beliefs are. You just better not be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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11 comments to Ferguson Is A Perfect Example Of How Quickly The Streets Of America Can Descend Into Chaos

  • Eric

    Not in my neighborhood. I’m not naive enough to think it couldn’t happen, but we’re ready for it if it does.

  • CalSailX

    Nor in my neck of the wood Eric, we expect better from our peace officers. God help them if they go full retard! I’ll defend life and property, but make no mistake shooting an unarmed man. Someone is getting a foot up their ass…

    Could give a shit as to the color of their skin…the peace has been disrupted, and you don’t get to do that for free!

  • CalSailX

    Scratch “expect better”… we demand “better”!

  • Kimo

    With all the chaos happening around the world? Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, Currency Wars, Gold & Silver Wars, The Investigation into Libor, Mortgage Fraud, Forex, Bitcoin that disappeared and now $7300 a coin, a bullshit currency. The missing Flight of MH 370, MH 17 gets shot down from what the social media is stating the Ukrainians shot the ill fated flight down with all those people. You have Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in a unforgettable interview by Sean just blasting the last two fools in the W.H. You have Hillary talking down B.O. about his Policies abroad and yet she has Benghazi and those poor men and their families that have to carry on without them.

    Don’t forget about all these countries pulling away from the dollar and trading in their own repsective currencies. Deceptive practices..Its a game an illusion just to keep us of what is really happening behind the scenes? The Crash and or collapse of the American Economy….It is happening and has been happening and it can’t be kept propped up anymore. I live in a modest area and it really nice and quiet the majority of the time. However, I can just see these people don’t have a clue to what is going on in the world.

    Just go back over the last few years with all these senseless killings of unarmed men and beating of women! Do your homework and it goes from one location to the other. New Mexico Police are completely out of control.

    Excuse me I forgot the admission by this administration and previous administration allowing all these gang bangers, illegals and those carrying contagious diseases into our country and yet being flown to our cities to speed this shit!!!!!

    Like the Border Patrol Agent stated so eloquently in the news stations. Our Government is aiding and abiding these criminals into the country. Now if you don’t know the Immigration National Act or they call it the (INA) then I suggest that you study your immigration law..Those carrying contagious diseases from Mexico or Africa or anywhere else non American it is called a (Public Charge and your inadmissible into the United States.

    However, our leaders are allowing this massive influx into our country! Why has not the Department of State and or the FAA cancelled all flights from those countries in Africa from entering our airspace…

    All this crap going on in the world and especially our once beloved country and B.O. is in Martha’s Vineyard and can record a video to Cleveland for the a Homosexual games!

  • paw

    Hey Sean, I can’t keep visiting your web site if the ad’s in your stories continue to be too racy. That’s it for me.

  • Scott

    Most of these rioters are welfare and entitlement recipients…..because any member of society with something to lose wouldn’t be rioting!! These poor bastards have nothing to lose so they risk their freedom, and their life, taking from others. Fuck let them all riot and put them down. It’s called thinning the herd. And this herd need major thinning!

  • frank

    Is it not interesting that instead of focusing on the looting rioters, the media is focusing on the death of a black teen? What about all the teens that kill one another in Chicago every month? I guess it only matters if a white cop kills a black. I guess its ok when blacks kill other blacks. I wonder what would happen if a black cop killed a black teen?

    When cops abuse or kill whites, whites do not riot. I’ve never heard of Asians rioting. These so called poor blacks rioting looked pretty well fed and dressed to me. Interesting how they weren’t looting essential items like food…naaaa they went for candy, bb guns, fancy clothing….As far as I can tell, its just an excuse to go ape shit, and now they are tweeting to riot some more and kill whites….

    Typical behaviour for this demographic. Its no wonder conservative hard working blacks do not want to be near their own kind.

  • Gnostic

    Any story to divert from crimes against humanity.

    How Jews Justify Gaza Genocide

    • frank

      Seriously Gnostic? You don’t have anything else to say or anything else to report? How Sean cannot see your silly one trick pony antics is beyond me. This post has nothing to do with Israel or jews or Zionism…but here is little gnostic, AKA aa, aka micheal, doing what he always does.

  • Michael

    Gnostic is right, Homeboy shopping is nothing new.

    Sean I love the math, some of these guys are going to have to get out the calculator.

  • Angel

    I’m certainly not excusing the police for having a hand in the ever-encroaching police state by their non-stop and indiscriminate murder of innocent people and pets, but I guess the 6 years of peace and pride in the black community resulting from the “election” of the first black (well, kinda) President is wearing wee bit thin, ha?

    Looks like the gig is up!

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