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Ex-White House Official – Gold, Capital Controls & Inflation

from KingWorldNews:

Gold is such an interesting subject. What the state is doing is trying to close the exit doors in lots of different ways. So we’ve seen some governments introduce currency controls, restrictions of the movement of capital from (point) A to (point) B, and much higher taxes. Another way (for governments to accomplish this) is to do whatever they can to stop the price of alternatives from rising, like gold, like silver. But the real story is that people are looking for a better store of value. If the U.S. and other governments are going to abandon price stability, if they are going to make prices more unstable, if they are going to devalue, to inflate, then people want something else to go into.

And I think this accounts for the rise in the interest of (things like) Bitcoin, for example. But at the end of the day there is only one thing that can outrun inflation and, frankly, deflation, and that is investing in yourself — investing in your own ability to generate more cash going forward… I really think it’s important to understand what I mean by inflation and the difference between runaway (inflation) and hyperinflation. The key thing to remember is that if we go from 2 percent inflation to 3 percent inflation, it sounds small but it’s a 50 percent change. And this is critical in terms of what you are going to pay for tuition, grocery bills, and the cost of an apartment.

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