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Ebola: Panic or Pandemic? – An open source investigation

by James Corbett, Corbett Report:

Overview: Official information on Ebola virus: Ebola haemorrhagic fever is the human disease caused by the Ebola virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the disease has a fatality rate of up to 90% and is “one of the world’s most virulent diseases.” The disease first appeared in 1976 in two simultaneous outbreaks, one in the Congo (near the Ebola river) and the other in a remote area of Sudan. It transfers through close contact with blood of an infected animal (including chimpanzees, gorillas, fruit bats, monkeys, forest antelope and porcupines) and spreads human-to-human through direct contact with infected blood or other bodily fluids, or through contact between broken skin or mucous membranes of a healthy person and the contaminated possessions (blankets, bedclothes, needles) of an infected person.

Symptoms include “sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat” followed by “vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function, and in some cases, both internal and external bleeding.”

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1 comment to Ebola: Panic or Pandemic? – An open source investigation

  • Silver86

    Well… could be all the bad. Also could be just a very serious epidemic that we have to contend with. The Plague, Smallpox, Measles, Influenza, Tuberqulosis… all difficult diseases that we’ve had to content with over the years and perhaps Ebola is one of those.

    I don’t see any evidence that it’s airborne, but it is very serious and if/when it makes it here to the states, those people infected need to be quarantined.

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