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Ebola: The Perfect Excuse For Medical Martial Law?

from PrisonPlanetLive:

Merely the suspicion of a limited Ebola outbreak in the United States would give the green light for federal authorities to seize draconian powers and detain Americans not even infected with the Ebola virus.

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25 comments to Ebola: The Perfect Excuse For Medical Martial Law?

  • Tom Aumeg


    I said from the start, this epidemic is overhyped. The alternative media, never letting a good scare go to waste, took a rare step of reporting in lockstep with the MSM. But now we’re getting closer to the truth. As a pretext, it’s perfect.

    • SGT

      Tom, How exactly is news of the rapid spread of Ebola being over-hyped by the Alt media? I’m sure you know the CDC is IMPORTING two Americans with Ebola to Atlanta, which would be unacceptable even if we could trust the CDC, which we can’t. Add to that, the criminal in chief just did this:

      Obama Signs Executive Order to Detain Americans With ‘Respiratory Illnesses’

      seems to us that the threat, on multiple levels, is very real.

      • Tom Aumeg

        Sean, you ran the reports on your own site. Hodges’ ‘common sense’ is always the most hysterical, but yesterday, there were many others, and you yourself are on record thinking this is a big deal. At the time, all we had to concern ourselves with was what was happening in Africa, which is the slow and inefficient spread of a very nasty disease, that at current rates will probably burn itself out. Ebola is seasonal, and outbreaks normally burn themselves out by the fall. That is, unless it acquires new properties it doesn’t currently have (which would probably but not certainly be deliberate). My point then, and now, is that if we’re not seeing it explode in numbers, now that it’s reached the cities, then it doesn’t have the legs to be a global pandemic. If it reaches 100,000 cases next month, all bets are off. But at 1,000 or thereabouts this far into the outbreak, it’s overhyped.

        What you touched on in your reply, the importation of patients, plays more into the manufacturing of a crisis that feeds on the hype, than much real danger (the CDC already has Ebola and works with it routinely). So does Obama’s new executive order. The MSM probably would not hype a real danger, but would constantly reassure, and not even report much on executive orders meant to actually deal with the problem. The fact that they ARE reporting on it is a very strong indication that they don’t mean to let this crisis go to waste, but intend to scare the people to accept new authoritarian steps. The real danger here is that they intend to use the pretext of “you sneezed” to detain you indefinitely, under the guise of quarantine. And if dissidents end up 1,000 times more likely to exhibit respiratory symptoms, so be it.

        • SGT

          I just simply disagree with your accusation that the ALT media is fear mongering, it’s absurd. Would you prefer that this important developing situation and potential epidemic not be explored & discussed? Knowing what we know about the CDC, Eugenics and the elite’s desire to cull the global population, a hemorrhagic virus with up to a 90% kill rate escaping the African continent by airplane (which was Dave Hodges’ valid point) is no laughing matter. Add to that the CDC’s deliberate importation of two Ebola stricken patients to Atlanta – which even Donald Trump calls insane – and as you say, all bets are off. Maybe this all dies down in the next month or two, I hope it does. But now with the pretext of “Ebola patients in the US” securely in place – a deadlier, airborne, weaponized version of it emerging in the U.S. at some point in the future will not surprise any our educated readers.

          • Tom Aumeg

            What I’d prefer is for there to be context, and for reason to prevail over always running with the scariest, most extreme interpretation. It’s one thing when the MSM are ignoring an issue, to explore the extremes of what could happen. It’s another when they are hyping it also, and using that hype to cover for another power grab that could be used to justify arbitrary detention. That’s where they want everyone to go, but Watson’s argument is going to get drowned out by the panic being spread.

          • Angel

            Sean, both you and Tom present excellent and valid points. Knowing what we know of the control cult’s agenda, I put absolutely NOTHING past them in so far as unleashing a deadly virus, or for that matter, employing any number of catastrophic crisis.

            At the same time, we’ve grown so accustomed to these degenerates keeping society under a perpetual state of unwarranted fear that we are now forced to question every “crisis” that emerges, and wonder if there’s some ulterior motive behind it.

            The bottom line is, we don’t REALLY know what’s up here, but I do know that real or not, this could potentially amount to a false flag in any number of ways. Perhaps it already has. Or it could simply be a beta test for some future situation.

            Furthermore, each of us employing some common sense health measures would also be in order, whether it be due to this situation or another to come along. WE must take some level of responsibility for our own health and welfare.

            • Tom Aumeg

              Today’s X22 report runs with this theme. Worth a listen.

              • Angel

                I initially passed it by, but he does present valid info.

                As I’ve stated above, even if the threat is intentionally overblown, it may very well be for some nefarious purpose. Diversion perhaps? And rarely are events of this nature orchestrated for ONE purpose only.

                O.K., we could speculate ’til the sheep come home, but the bottom line is, there is a VERY serious potential for a VERY serious event occurring, one way or another.

                We simply need to be aware and alert to the full-spectrum of these scenarios.

    • Eric

      I hope you guys are aware that ‘V’ has said that his “4 star general” has stated that either this or another airborne virus type of crisis will be used to enact martial law and all passports out of America will be suspended or halted.

      Good Times!

  • Johan

    I truly hope your right Tom, allthough calling it a ‘hype’ is bad choice of words. A hollywood movie can be a hype. Reporting on a virus with 90% kill ratio, uncontained spreading on planes should be atleast ‘concerning’

    Sooner or later you know they are going to use biological weapons to cull the population. Can you think of anything more efficient?

    Perhaps this could even be what all those FEMA coffins are all about?

    • Tom Aumeg

      Johan, I don’t argue that it is a concern that they could use a biological agent. I’ve had this nightmare for longer than you can imagine (my background includes knowledge of how it might be done). But yes, I can think of many more efficient agents. To name a few:

      1. Flu viruses. They spread like wildfire. One possibility is a re-release the 1918 H1N1 flu virus. Immunity in the population is gone, so it might produce an equal outcome. A second is to release the re-assortments they’ve made with H5N1 and fast-spreading human flu viruses. H5N1 is the bird flu virus with mortality well north of 50%, some estimates at 90%. The only thing is, it did not spread well person-to-person. But flu viruses have 8 segments of RNA in their genome, and any particle will grab one of each, regardless of its parent. So you co-infect cells with the two, and you get back 64 offspring strains. When you isolate the lethal one (test on ferrets – mirrors human mortality) that spreads, that’s your agent. You don’t even need to engineer the genome, not that that’s hard today.

      2. Smallpox. Anyone of childbearing age is unvaccinated. I have a friend who keeps vaccinia in his lab for innocuous research, and he made a few extra vials in case the shtf. But anyone else is out of luck. Now to use my imagination, it would not be hard to take variola and find where neutralizing antibodies hit it, then alter that sequence. Bingo, you’ve eliminated all immunity. Remember, they used to wipe out Indian tribes by giving them contaminated blankets. You can’t do that even with flu.

      3. Pneumonic plague, with a little tweak. Yersinia pestis (the cause of bubonic and pneumonic plague) is treated with tetracycline. But the gene for tetracycline resistance is in every lab that does microbiology, as a selection tool when doing simple genetic manipulation. Integrating it into the pestis genome is nothing a student couldn’t do. Now you get spread like wildfire, and once it reaches the lungs, the mortality goes way up, and it continues to spread by the lungs, becoming extremely contagious. Doctors know only one way to treat it, and it no longer works. The speed of spread will ensure it’s out of control before they figure out what other antibiotic might work.

      4. Entirely engineered pathogens. The problem with the ones above is that they don’t make for good weapons, because they can boomerang and hit you also. The elites don’t want to take that chance. So what if you could make one that disperses through the air, kills its victimes, but doesn’t replicate? There are ways to do that, I assure you.

  • Meat Eater

    Copy and paste of a previous reply:

    The information regarding the NWO plan to manage the movement and activities of populations / nations through created crises (such as terrorist attack / dirty bomb / disease outbreak) in order to advance other agendas is well documented and no secret at all. Indeed, I was first told of a plan to use disease and the vaccination process to control and manage people over 20 years ago whilst working for an alphabet agency. At the time I was totally ‘asleep’ to the system, and therefore in disbelief as to what I was hearing, although I was so taken back at the time that some of what was said was remembered.

    Whenever we see such warnings of epidemics, be it bird flu, swine flu, bubonic plague, ebola, or whatever, we must always keep vaccines in mind. Vaccines are the real issue here.

    As I explained in a previous post vaccines and the vaccination process are much more incidious and further reaching than most people can even imagine. Imagine having to show papers (or a bio-electric tatoo) at checkpoints to prove vaccination has taken place in order for you to be allowed to enter a town, a shopping mall, or to enter a public building. Imagine the control such a system would grant the state.

    Most people will willingly accept a vaccination if offered, however from experience I have had with foreign law enforcement I can speculate that people who refuse to be vaccinated will be dealt with quite harsly by the authorities – as such people will be designated as ‘threats’ to public health.

    If the government manage to instigate martial law due to ebola or some other reason, then the harshness of the treatment of people can be raised exponentially. Again, from previous experience, such people could be dealt with summarily (ie shot and thier bodies burned in situ).

    Fear filled people are capable of doing things we currently consider abhorrant, and the threat of contamination from a person carrying a flesh eating plague will give justification for some terrible abuses.

    As I say, I can only speculate as to what could happen if this gets traction, and although I could give many more potential scenarios I wont (because all it would do is incite just as much fear as the government are currently trying to do).

    Just keep in mind this is all part of a bigger plan to control the movement and actions of the population. Humans have made these plans, and humans are not infallible, so lets hope/pray that the plans of the NWO fail.


    Modern biological warfare systems are WELL BEYOND most peoples comprehension. Most people still think in WW2 terms, such as anthrax, plague (or ebola) etc. Even medical professionals may not be able to think beyond 1960′s cold war tech. when thinking of bioweapons.

    This is a mistake as the sophistication of modern bio-weapons is barely conceivable to the common man, and in the realms of sci-fi. For example well over 20 years ago we, I mean NATO (and the Soviets too) already had in a ‘ready to go’ form bio-weapons of various types unheard of in public discussion. For example electro-biochemical weapons – ie activation of an agent within the biosphere or the body upon exposure to a certain electromagnetic frequency (such as that emmited by a smart meter or cell phone. Also, gene-specific bio-agents (ie weapons which affect only a particular race/sex/family/individual, or effect only a particular organ in order to mimic death by natural causes). Also, multi-generational bio-weapons of variable vector (ie a biological based agent which has no affect on the first recipiant but through germ line mutation passed to children, or childrens children effects them – think ‘soft kill’). By the way, GMO (food, plants, and animals) were initially considered bio-weapon vectors.

    I have been out of the loop for some time now but can speculate that modern bio-weapon technology has progressed exponentially in the last quarter century, and is now well beyond the decades old technology I have just described (especially with the advent of methods of powering nano-tech using environmental EM fields).

    Incidently, every man-made bioweapon can be switched off with the appropriate chemical/biological/electromagnetic ‘key’. If these things were not controllable they would threaten the elite, and that just would not be permitted.

    • Tom Aumeg

      When they give you that vaccine, it’s not just a little mercury you need to be concerned about. We don’t know what’s in all of them, but here is one example that has come into the open.

      If you look up the scientific work of GP Talwar, you’ll find that he took the tetanus toxoid that is used successfully to vaccinate against that disease, and conjugated it to human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is essential for establishing and maintaining pregnancy. So when women get vaccinated, they develop antibodies to the toxoid and to HCG. Bingo, sterilized. I don’t know Talwar, but perhaps he thinks he was doing a service to his country (India).

      A few years ago the news broke that this vaccine was given to women in the Philippines, under the guise of protecting them from tetanus arising due to childbirth. Of course, the danger of childbirth tetanus was overblown, but the women got the vaccine at delivery. They weren’t told it was not regular tetanus vaccine, but Talwar’s conjugate. Search Talwar tetanus Philippines and you’ll see the stories. Makes you wonder what else has been developed.

  • NaySayer

    Ever since the beta test of the boston marathon false flag, americans have had a chance to think about what they would do personally when the Secret Police (NSA, FBI & DHS, anybody who gets “secret warrants, does “secret” surveillance and doesn’t have to be accountable to anybody personally OR in government, then they are the SECRET POLICE) comes to their house and points guns at their kids while ordering them out.

    Some have decided they would fight back and defend their constitutional rights. But will they? Will they now, if they think the Gestapo is coming for someone with Ebola? Are you going to help your neighbor being dragged out screaming if the Gestapo has “clean suits” over their body armor? Would any of us?

    It is a masterful plan. Pick up the troublemakers and put them in a fema camp with actual infected and guess what? No more troublemakers.

  • NaySayer

    Think about it. All they have to do is dab some blood on the patriot’s face near the eyes and mouth and nobody will come to help them as they scream they aren’t infected.

    They didn’t get the guns, they didn’t get a war that americans would support, the economy is teetering dangerously so what do they have left to blame their bad policies on?

    I hope I am wrong, but I don’t know. Get some of those medical masks and keep them on your person and give them to your kids. If it hits, you can at least try to keep yoursef safe and some medical type gloves would be good too. I keep them in my purse, folded up in a baggie. Better get some and at least put them in your car, go bag, get home bag, etc.

  • AgShaman


    when desperate knuckleheads run amuck.

    very entertaining

    • NaySayer

      ALL medical authorities state that there WILL BE a pandemic eventually. Just as there will be a meteor strike, a supervolcanic eruption, the big one will destroy the San Andreas fault and a another carrington event will fry out the electronics.

      Why do you think a pandemic won’t happen now, maybe with a little help? Biological warfare has been used by humans since they lobbed plague infected body parts over the walls of beseiged towns in the middle east during the crusades. Humans have done these things over and over but all of the sudden you don’t think it can happen?

      • AgShaman

        I never said I don’t think it can happen. I just insinuated it won’t be happening to me.

        I used to live in a valley that’s been building these killer virus’ for years.

        It’s been recently found out scientists have found the Spanish Influenza virus some years ago and are trying to bring it back for some “strange” reason.

        They will weaponize many of these things. The Eugenicists are in charge and have been for some time.

        There are cures for all of these killer virus’….just like there’s a cure for cancer.

        Unfortunately, because of the entity that controls big media….Americana still subscribes to conventional and govt approved medicine.

        You’re a smart girl. Start thinking outside the box.

        ….and as far as a geographical catastrophe….didn’t I recommend you move outta that region you are living in?

        Don’t bother me with the small potatoes….Ebola is nothing for me to be concerned about

        • NaySayer

          If you see a map of the “ripples” of damage expected from a New Madrid earthquake then where I live is not in a major damage expectation zone.

          The new madrid fault lies primarily in the boothill region of missouri (extreme SE corner of the state) and if an earthquake hits as large as the 1811-1812 quakes that made the mississippi river run backwards for 3 days and rang church bells in Philadelphia, then we would still not be expected to be massively damaged in the SW to slight west of center portion of the southern border area.

          The fault blows everr 400 years or so according to geological evidence. Therefore unless fracking or Haarp rumours are true as causing earthquakes, I am not too bothered about it where I live.

          Memphis, Tennessee is expected to be flattened however and newer buildings there are built to high earthquake resistance standards, however, since many major gas pipelines go right through there, even if they survive any earthquake the gas explosions and fires will not be pleasant.

  • J

    Huge Lava Dome under Yellowstone ready to explode…

    Huge EMP pulse from Solar Flare will destroy the power grid…

    Illegals are overrunning the US Southern border…

    The stock market will crash soon…

    Should Obama be impeached?

    Michelle Obama is a tranny…

    Foreign troops are already in the US and ready to take over…

    Radical Muslims take control in Iraq…

    The Chinese economy is on the verge of collapse…

    Russia will turn over Snowden to the US…

    US on the verge of Ebola epidemic…

    Gold & Silver poised for moonshot…

    The Gold & Silver vaults are empty… total price manipulation

    etc. etc. etc. etc…

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