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Doctor: There’s Not Enough “Panic” to Justify a Cure For Ebola

Virus not profitable enough for big pharma to develop adequate treatments

by Paul Joseph Watson, infowars:

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Dr, Ben Neuman admits that there isn’t enough “panic” surrounding the Ebola virus for the pharmaceutical industry to justify developing a cure. “It’s not just one drug that we need for Ebola, we need a cocktail of drugs and perhaps a nice vaccine that could be used, these all take a lot of money and right now in the history of what we know at least there have been fewer than 5,000 people infected with Ebola,” said Neuman, adding, “It sounds scary but I don’t know if there’s enough panic or enough people who are potential customers for these drugs to warrant a company, a private company, putting the money in it would take to develop these.” (emphasis mine).

Neuman’s admission underscores the fact that big pharma is driven not by a genuine urge to eradicate disease and bring relief to victims, but to make as much money as possible.

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