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Crucial Chart Shows Gold & Silver Ready For Massive Breakout

from KingWorldNews:

The massive, almost perfect head & shoulder formation in the Gold Bugs Index (HUI) is now near completion. This means that any day now the resistance line could be breached on the upside. A breakout will likely result in a very large rally — lets see how this unfolds (see chart below):

King World News note: A major rally in the HUI Index would also trigger a breakout in the price of gold above the $1,325 to $1,340 resistance level, and would also send the price of silver surging above the key resistance at $22. This would also be textbook action for a bull market in that the shares would be leading the metals higher.

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7 comments to Crucial Chart Shows Gold & Silver Ready For Massive Breakout

  • delllat

    I have been hearing this S#!T since 2009…
    Enough with this break out crap!!!
    All the “silver experts” have been saying this for years.
    enuf sed!

    • Steelerdude

      But Delllat, Eric Sprot just wrote “7 reasons I am buying silver right now”…

      Wont Eric and his reasons give you enough reason for the breakout? (just kidding)…

      Actually, I would like know peoples opinion if the market tanks, where do metal shares and the metals go….

      comments welcome…

  • Johan


    On a serious note though, graphs are kind of useless when you have a manipulated market, period.

    This ends when the Crimex and LBMA defaults, not sooner, not later.

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