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Citizens with Guns – This Is Why We Carry

from Ammo Land

The collective anti-gun powers that consist of media, congressmen, and gun control groups continually try to brainwash the American people into believing we do not need guns.

Firearms are used for self-defense every day in our great Country. A firearm is what levels the playing field between a 100 pound woman and a 250 pound hardened criminal.

While our entire Congress enjoys a 5 week vacation we will not stop protecting our Second Amendment Rights. We are going to educate our members of Congress by sending them stories that prove firearms are not only a right, but an absolute necessity.

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1 comment to Citizens with Guns – This Is Why We Carry

  • Sam

    That’s a great idea but, those Congress critters cannot read even what they have sworn an oath to uphold let alone current events and stories that explain it all 8-0

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