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CFR Tells Federal Reserve To Give Away Money?

from Fabian4Liberty:

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4 comments to CFR Tells Federal Reserve To Give Away Money?

  • Eric

    So the fiat paper trash will go to the morons who don’t know anything, don’t want to know anything, and have no idea who they are.

    If people want to eat garbage and pretend it tastes good, let them. looks like some of the lowest premiums on eagles, maples, etc. right now.

  • Eric

    Tell you guys something that happened to me lately.

    A close buddy told me he was going to rob me. I never talk about my personal holdings or show him what I have, and I go out of my way to help him and others. While I know he was joking, he has consistently betrayed my trust in recent weeks, saying things he shouldn’t, especially in front of others. Just being stupid. Now, I’m not too concerned and am ready for the people closest to me to turn, so I am going to confront him about it and work it out. But that trust will never be recovered. From now on I have to put more distance between him and me.

    Be careful who you trust. Very very VERY few understand enough to connect the dots. They are uninformed, ignorant, and will be very confused and desperate. These are your neighbors, the people around you, and the ones you see every day. Be careful who you surround yourself with.

    • johns

      Eric, a quick fix. “Confide” in him, that you need to borrow money to pay a past due credit card bill.

      That should take of everything.

      I know. Been there, done it. 🙂

      On a side note to Fabians vid, the CFR’s recommendation will only fill their own pockets more since they own/control everything. “Give” money to the people, to pay the controllers.

      Pretty clever if I say so myself.

  • Matslinger

    They might as well give us the stimulus…. the time to correct this disaster came and went in 1980 when David Rockefeller appoint a communist for president.
    If what they say is true, (a 2 trillion dollar cash dump), I’ll be spending most of
    it on food and energy…. the average American dumbfuck will believe Obama when he explains that the CFR money is a surplus form the surprise recovery….
    Ay least half of the US people are going to die before 2020….try not to be one of them…. and never trust starry eyed immediate gratification American dumbfucks…

    natural selection always wins.

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