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Central Bankers/US Government Are Now Preparing For Bail-Ins

from X22Report:

Episode 439

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4 comments to Central Bankers/US Government Are Now Preparing For Bail-Ins

  • Anon

    For what it’s worth:

    Whether “ISIS”, or “ISIL”, or “IS”, or whatever the name is – du jour – make no mistake about it – there ARE (at least some) extremist Muslims who’d love nothing more, than to kill every “Infidel” in the entire world – that’s a given. It is ALSO A GIVEN – that the Intelligence Agencies of the West – CIA/MI6/Mossad & Associates, will take advantage of this fact, in whatever way they can, and MAGNIFY the actual threat x 1,000 via their (MSM) media, to accomplish their corporatist/fascist/globalist goals, one of which includes not only controlling the Middle East (on behalf of the .01/1% Banksters & Military-Industrial Complex, Israel, the House of Saud, and Qatar), but also by controlling the American public, right here at home, primarily via FEAR, and FALSE FLAG ATTACKS, like 9/11, but also manufactured “pandemics” like ebola, for Big Pharma/vaccines, and maybe even FEMA (camps)! Of course, “Sandy Hook” was a FALSE FLAG for the gun-grabbers. 9/11 was the FALSE FLAG to enter into this era of endless war against “terrorism”, and the permanent warfare/welfare state, with the ultimate goal of globalized poverty, global depopulation, and complete global control – or, in their own words – “Full-Spectrum Dominance”, for the benefit of the Military-Industrial Complex, and the .01/1%. Everything you read in their MSM, is just another aspect of, or another meme in their “war-by-deception” against Americans and humanity – another strategy to create as much FEAR, and ultimately CHAOS, as possible, in order to gain greater control over everyone, and everything, decrease global population, and have fun, and gain greater profits, for themselves, simultaneously, while doing it. They are perpetrating all of this chaos, around the planet, and now threatening to bring it VISIBLY to U.S. Soil, while they’ve always been stealing the rug (our labor, our true wealth) right-out-from-under-us, via the USURIOUS, FRACTIONAL-RESERVE (so-called) “Federal” “Reserve” System (since 1913!), which is now clearly failing them – so, they are becoming more and more BRAZEN in their theft, still by deception, largely, but increasingly less so, as they simply are losing their ability to deceive an (ever-so-painfully-slowly-but-still) awakening public. ALL of their seemingly isolated issues or memes, like “global warming”, and “gun control”, should be seen as part of a much larger overall agenda of complete global control, primarily aimed at Americans and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. But, remember, as long as “they” feel, that “they” can weather the storm safely, and securely, in some place, probably another one of their many mansions – far away from the chaos “they” create – “they” don’t care how bad the maelstrom they create, actually is. “They” are so completely deranged, and detached from reality, that they’ll even consider nuclear war – so that, they can step in afterwards, clean-up, and “restore order”, and thereby have maintained their control. It’s ALL about CONTROL. Even if “they” are all irradiated, and glowing-in-the-dark! “They” are stark, raving-mad, totally insecure lunatics, folks! “They” are INSANE! Think, for example, of the “Sampson Option”.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

    The Public Theft of Private Assets Always Precedes An Economic Collapse and That Time Is Upon Us

    Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate Power

    Military Industrial Complex Warns They Will Attack America — REALIST NEWS

    Remember, the U.S. Congress currently in place, is up for re-election, in Nov. 2014.
    Why don’t we just send them the ONLY message they will EVER understand – AND KICK THEM ALL OUT! The U.S. Congress is ENABLING the .01/1% to carry out ALL of their globalist control-grid plans, by doing NOTHING to stop them! KICK THEM ALL OUT!

  • CalSailX

    The veil just keeps getting thinner… “WAVES.. WE THE PEOPLE SEE YOU!”, My God the cartel is just in full bore crazy mode.

    I’m just amazed that anyone has more in the bank to do more then their cover checks.

    My last Big Kick was being abling to close my last bank account… grins… bite me Banker boy 🙂

  • Anon


    A Must Watch! The Keiser Report, Episode 639

    DISCLAIMER: Remember, though, all you “Bit-coiners”, that everything electronic is potentially (like the entire Internet) subject to an EMP attack. Therefore, physical assets like silver (and gold) bullion, that you can hold in your hand, are still the best form of REAL MONEY. IMHO. Solution: Diversify? Be prepared.

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