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Central Bankers Will Attack ISIS and The Assad Regime

from X22Report:

Episode 452

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48 comments to Central Bankers Will Attack ISIS and The Assad Regime

  • Sam

    The propaganda constantly being placed out there in the “news” as well as the alternative news outlets like x22Report here, erroneously refer to the sovereign independent country of Syria and her highly popular, freely elected president Bashar Assad as the “Assad Regime” as if he and the Syrians have not elected their own President and as if the government of Syria is illigitimate!?

    The psyop going on in labeling is obvious on it’s face and what it is designed to do is to propagandize the insane idea that Syria is an enemy and therefore the war is necessary… Sad part is, most sheep follow along with the labeling presumptions and that any country that the west wishes to attack is naturally under some sort of “REGIME” and therefore they deserve to be attacked in the name of the Military Industrial Complex of never ending war death and basic mayhem….

    Sean, please do not repost erroneous titles from sources who may otherwise mean no harm, it is simply wrong and people searching the web for truth here deserve better that that. Let x22Report know this so that they may correct the mistake of going along with the obvious psyop repeated in their reports. Thank you.

    • Jacobson

      I’m against any attack against Syria but we must remember that Bashar Assad is a dictator and a successor of the regime .
      His father took over Syria by force .
      The Assad family are part of the Alawite minority which are 10% of syria’s population .
      According to the islam , the Alawites aren’t muslims – they call ’em Nusseiris which means “small christian” .

      Allah Hu Akbar !

      • Sam

        @ Jacobson, you are a liar.

        Get it straight.

        Bashar Assad is NOT A DICTATOR, period.

        Even if he were, that is no reason to attack a SOVEREIGN independent country, despite your obvious prejudices against them.

        Perhaps, you would be better off defending the NutterYawho Regime and the Israelis whao are committing on ongoing outright GENOCIDE against the Palestinians, eh?

        • Jacobson

          There’s no end to your stupidity .

          Bashar Assad recieved the regime from his father – is this a private business ?
          Bashar Assad isn’t a muslim but 90% of Syria are sunni muslims .
          Haffez Assad (Bashar’s father) took over Syria like Gaddafi and other arab leaders during the 50’s (Eygpt,Libya,Yemen,Iraq) .
          Military revolution …
          I don’t care and I don’t say it is right or wrong – the facts are facts .

          I said that I’m against any attack . In fact I think that Assad as a dictator was a good neighbour after all , better than the fanatics who fight him .

          I’m not pro Netanyahu , just beacuse I’m Israeli doesn’t mean I support him , unless you want me to call you Hussein Omamba supporter ?

          Genocide in palestine ?
          Well , I don’t want to count the blood drops but in Syria there are 200,000 people who died in 3 years , and millions of refugees .
          2nd place , silver medal is for YouAssHey who killed 1 million iraqi people in 10 years .

          I’m pro arab , but not pro palestinian !
          OoOoOo too complicated ? welcome to the jungle !

          • Sam

            @ Jacobson, LIAR!

            And, it isn’t “complicated” at all.

            Syria is not attacking anyone outside of their borders, let alone a single nationality of people to the point of extermination…as the Nutter Regime of Israel is committing.

            Again, President Bashar Assad was freely elected by the vast majority of the Syrian people of ALL religious backrounds of the Syrian citizenry, further, the elections were certified internationally.

            Are you still confused with the easy to understand facts or is it that you still stuck on your own obvious prejudices blinding you?

            • Jacobson

              Calling me a liar wouldn’t change the facts .
              The Assad family is controlling Syria for 40 years –
              U.S has a law of 8 years for a president .
              Only americans deserve to replace their leaders , arabs don’t .

              Since you don’t know how is it to live in a tyrant state Il’l explain how the “free elections” work :
              You can vote for who you want , but the regime is watching .
              Maffia style .
              So people are afraid and “freely” elect the tyrant again and again .

              It is strange that a family which is part of minority and which according to the islam aren’t muslims .

              I didn’t say I’m against Assad or the way he is ruling Syria !
              Open your eyes .

              It would be intresting to bring some syrians to here and speak with them .

              • Sam

                @ Jacobson,

                To spell it out for you clearer, Jacobson, Syria’s freely elected internationally certified elections are well known except by you and others like you in denial of the facts, plus President Assad is only attacking/repelling Terrorists within it’s own borders.

                Syria is not attacking itself or their own people or their elected by overwhelming majority or any specific nationality of people – the only targeted people by the Syrian government (that’s the job of government to defend the citizenry when under attack) have been and still are the crazed mob mentality invading terrorists whose only desire is to illegally seize Syria by force, hence their description, “Terrorists.”

                BTW, most are aware too, that the Chemical attacks last year inside Syria were perpetrated by the invading terrorists as exposed by Russian, UN, and MIT reports again, as a matter of record.

                You are LYING over and over again, that is why you are a LIAR Jacobson.

                Why are you lying?

                The distortion of facts, LIES, to cover for Israel’s Genocide of the Palestinians thru the Nutter Regime’s actions that the entire world is witness to is not working. Don’t believe me, witness for yourself the worldwide protests going on, not against Syria but against ISRAEL!

              • Jacobson

                I think that you can’t truly understand the process that is going in the middle east . For you it is just war of banking system , for you it is all about the dollars .

                Of course there is banking influence !
                BUT ,
                It is more complicated since there are many forces taking part in this conflict.
                You see only one dimension , one layer , one aspect …

                • Sam

                  @ Jacobson,

                  I do not claim to know everything going on in the middle east…in fact, anyone that does is a LIAR!


                  Let’s just stick with the twists and turns (LIES) you tried to pull here and how I corrected (hopefully) you on them, eh?

                  1) President Assad is not a dictator. Check.

                  2) Syria is not committing Genocide as Israel clearly is. Check.

                • Jacobson

                  1. I explained how the “free elections” work in tyrant state .
                  2. I don’t care , the syrians can do whatever they think .
                  3. To me it looks starnge when a family controls 40 years and when a father gives the regime to his son .
                  4. It is starnge that a 10% minority is controlling 90% of muslims .
                  5. Assad family aren’t muslims but they control muslim population .
                  6. Haffez Al-Assad took over Syria by force .
                  7. I support Assad and not the rebels .
                  8. The ethnic-religious issue isn’t less important than finance .
                  9. Iran & Russia are involved due to their own intrests (russian invested billions in the harbours of Syria and Lebanon) .
                  10. Iran & Hizballah (Hizb=political party , Allah=god) are Shiite muslims who interfere in a sunni muslim population .
                  11. Syrians aren’t different than americans and that’s why it is strange that they elected the Assad family 40 years .

                  I’m not against Assad , I’m just writing the facts .

  • Gnostic


    Is Israel Safer Now Having Murdered Thousands Of Innocent Women And Children? B.S. Artist Responds.

  • Gnostic

    Beauty and The Beast: Asma al Assad vs Michelle Obama

    • Jacobson

      Gnostic ,
      Michelle Omamba is investing thousands of dollars for her hair dryer beacuse she wants her hair to look like a white women . What a shame .
      And millions of black women follow her stupidity and the subconscious understanding of supreme white race .

    • Meat Eater


      You missed an opportunity to show that Michelle, aka ‘Big Mike’, is, as personal friend Joan Rivers recently confirmed on air, ‘a Tranny’.

      It has of course been well documented that the EOTWH known as ‘Barak’, but also as Barry (who ever he really is, and where ever he was really born still remains to be proven), liked to frequent gay saunas, hence the nick name ‘bath house barry’.

      If big mike, or ‘Michelle’ really is a Tranny (and my oh my there is some compelling evidence on the net for those who want to dig a bit deeper than youtube), this would fit in very well with some ancient agendas and prohecies.

      Firstly, there are clearly several agendas to normalise the behaviour of the populations of the west to that which was the norm in the days of Noah (both Jesus himself and also Mohamad warned this would precurse a great social cataclysim).

      The times of Noah are interpreted by modern scholars as being the times when the Nephalim (the ungodly ofspring of the fallen angels and the daughters of man) were present and the gene pool (seed of man) was ‘polluted’ by genetic abominations (sounds like modern day human genome / hybrid experiments to me).

      Also a major factor during the times of Noah was rampent corruption, cruelty, and ‘all manner of perversions’ (the later interpreted as meaning beastiality, homosexuality, and masochism, amoungst others).

      What better way therefore to ‘progress’ modern society towards the sort of behaviour seen in the days of Noah than to reward corruption, engage in GMO and human/animal hybrid experiments (often disquised as ‘gene therapy’), and to normalise sexual perversions, starting with homosexuality, but already leading towards legalising human/animal marriges.

      Having what was known back then as ‘Sodomites’ sitting on the throne of New Babylon (the USA) would sure as heck go someway towards normalising some of these things.

      With no forensically acceptable photographic or video proof having ever being presented showing ‘Michelle’ as a young girl, much less being pregnant, one must surely begin to question ‘her’ ligitamacy. Couple this to the evidence showing anrogenous characterists and the case against ‘her’ grows.

      With regards to bath-house Barry, I have never seen ANY compelling, much less forensically acceptable, evidence that he is even a US citizen, much less the man he claims to be. I believe the ‘Birther’ investigations are still ongoing.

      The mockery and deception of the satanists know no bounds, so if Barak and Michelle really are ‘Sodomites’ with false identities, placed on the ‘throne of new babylon’ by the great deciever, we are all in trouble as someone/some group is trying force through prohecy.

      Christians especially need to be awake to this deception, for it is written in their text:

      “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be”.
      Matthew 24:37 (KJV).

      We should all be mindful that the Son of Man will not return until AFTER the Beast has seized Jerusalem and only AFTER most people have fallen in worship to the Beast.

      With so many people falling for deception after deception at every level – from weapons of mass destruction warmongering lies, right down to the satanic ritual of the Ice Bucket Challenge, I hold out little hope that the coming cataclysim can be avoided.

      • Gnostic

        Meat Eater,

        You nailed it!! I have long believed the Scriptures are Scripts to a playbook. It is all playing out right in our faces, For those who have eyes to see & ears to hear.

        “Nothing new under the sun”

  • Gnostic

    Torah teaches Yah created Ham (kinky hair & big lips man) as punishment for drunkenness. Yah is such a racist.

    • Jacobson

      Torah isn’t the issue .

      United State’s first woman is trying to show on herself the supremacy of white race and that’s why she is changing herself .
      She can’t deal with her nature , she doesn’t feel good with the way she looks .
      But what can you expect from a nation that gives so much attention to exterior ?

  • Gnostic

    Sam, Is 100% spot on, Jacob speaketh with forked tongue.

    • Sam

      @ Gnostic,

      I am simply looking at the facts and call out those who lie because, I feel, if more would stand up and speak out, the world could clearly be a safer place to live.

      • Jacobson

        Sam , if you disagree with me it is OK but calling me a liar ?
        Why are you ignoring the fact that there are many people in Syria that want to kick Assad out ?
        Here are intresting videos from Syria that show exactly what I wrote , just take a look how they sing about freedom :

        They call Assad an agent of U.S !
        So what makes you think that you understand the conflict better than some of syrians ?

        • Gnostic


          Please forgive many of us for not believing you or your ilk.

          Talmudic Jews/Bankers/Freemasons & their collaborators have always fermented & financed revolutions & chaos, They have since the beginning of time, they are of the adversary or some call anti-Christ.

        • Sam

          @ Jacobson,

          You need to get up to speed current year 2014 and to admit your stretches of facts there Jacobson!

          President Bashar Assad was freely elected by the vast majority of the Syrian citizenry and is NOT “a dictator” as you claimed him to be.

          WHY are you lying is the question?

          Is it to cover as a distraction for the ongoing GENOCIDE of the Palestinians by the Nutter Regime of Israel you support?

          • Jacobson

            OK . He is not a dictator . He is a saint .
            Leave the decision to the syrian people ok ?

            • Jacobson

              The differnce between you and me is that you support one side and I don’t .
              Have you ever been in the middle east ?
              Did you speak with syrian people ?

              Sticky beak !

            • Sam

              @ Jacabson,

              It is good for you to admit to the untruth you were claiming. When attempting to support a lie despite the obvious truth, your entire claims to any shred of credibility entirely collapses. AS far as Assad as a saint goes, I wouldn’t claim any man to be one…glad we agree on that 🙂

              For those who may yet be confused.

              The decision for Bashar Assad was made for Syria by the vast majority of all Syrians as they elected their own leader fully free and democratically against all of the same opposing forces out of the western alliance, it’s puppets aka infiltrated Al-CIA-duh, now ISIS or simply IS, Israel clearly, NATO, and others. Review the embedded video again within the link provided:


              • Jacobson

                It’s not that I agree with you , Il’l leave the people here to make their own tests and decide while you keep pumping your truth .

                Calling the syrian regime a democracy is the biggest stupidity I have ever heared .

      • Gnostic


        That’s all any of us can do. Keep up the good work as daunting as it may be.

  • Meat Eater


    I actually agree with you on the Kick out and agent of the us points, but groups of people wanting to kick out their leaders is nothing new, nor is serving the US when it suits them. I am sure many in Israel would like to kick out nuttyyahoo, however it is debateable if it is the US that serves Israel or the other way round.

    Assad was actually an ‘agent’ of the British primarily. Assad was educated in England and lived in England for some time before returning to Syria. Same with Ghaddafi of Libya, especially his eldest son who studied at British Universities and was often a guest of the Blairs.

    Even Saddam Hussain was at one time a great friend/agent of the British and Americans.

    At many times the people wanted to replace the leaders but it suited the US and Uk to supress rather than support change/revolution at the times.

    The British and Americans are exeedingly trecherous and will chew anyone up and spit them out – friends or not. So when the times changed they simply funded the opposition/terror groups to overthrow the government.

    Incidently, the Libyan and iraqi national wealth funds, including thier Gold, were stored in London.

    The Syrian conflict is very complex with actors and stakeholders in many nations and at many levels.

    Sadly, I think a false-flag attack is coming to your nation to be used as a pretext for Israel to eventually expand its buffer zones, aka borders.

    • Jacobson

      Meat Eater ,
      If you take a look at my comments you will see that I didn’t criticize Assad .
      It is not my country and I don’t have any wish to control any of the sides .
      Facts are facts .

      U.S supported many revolutions in the middle east , usually u.s supported the religious groups and the Shariah laws inorder to bring stability for the oil pumps .

      I’m glad to see that you can understand how complicated the game is and how many players are involved – each one with his own goals .
      The arab population in the middle east is a phenomenon and the “nation state” is nothing but an ephemeral beacuse the west created it .
      The average arab is loyal first of all to his tribe .

      I don’t think that a false flag attack will be against Israel but who knows ?
      Just yesterday an israeli doctor was shot to death by sniper from Syria , there were also shellings from Syria (Il’l provide photos if you want) .
      The thing is that Israel didn’t act beacuse if Israel attack back Assad it will be like supporting the rebels – Israel doesn’t want to support the rebels .

      • Gnostic


        When we talk about the Evil Anglo-American Empire Please substitute Talmudic/Kabbalistic-Rothschild Controlled Evil Anglo-American Empire,

        Now it becomes clear

        As Paul Harvey would say “And that’s the rest of the story”.

        • Jacobson

          I didn’t write to you since all you do is to write about judaism and jews .
          You are a troll with a mission to make people focus on jews while their house is on fire .
          Deception .

          We spoke about Syria , anything to say ? any knowledge ? understandings ?
          I guess not .

          Anglo-American = ENGLAND & AMERICA = English speaking = christian states

          • Gnostic


            If Christian why are they subject to Noahide Law? Even the Pope recognizes Noahide as mitzvah. Many deceived Christians,Jews & Muslims in our world.George Bush, signed into Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah

            The Talmud also states the penalty for disobedience: “One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanh. 57A)”


  • Gnostic

    Not Stupid, Ignorant, There is a difference Yaakov.

  • Eric

    I find it so incredibly depressing that everyone continues to bicker with divisiveness rather than unite together against the problem that is plaguing humanity. 🙁

  • Michael

    Gnostic and Sam you both missed one little tidbit that Zionson never mentions or replies to. Israel has bombed the sovereign country of Syria at least twice, which is an act of war. Like I said don’t engage this troll. If bullshit were electricity he could power Israel.

    • Gnostic

      Michael, Once again you are right,

      Forgot about those sneaky bastards bombing Syria, shouldn’t surprise me Knowing that they bombed the USS Liberty, Twin Towers & 100’s of other targets & then have the chutzpah to blame their enemies.

      Fortunately The World is catching on.

  • Jacobson

    Yeah right …
    You can’t deal with what I wrote so you move on to bashing me personally .

    Yo mike , have anything to add ?
    We are talking about Syria .

    • Well….. this is quite easy. I’ve seen enough of your posts to quickly cruise right past them now. Actually, after about three of them I had my fill. Your effectiveness is gone there JakeyBoy.

      Now…. if everyone else would practice the same thing, you might just pick up your ball and leave the field. I’m sure there some other sites that you could throw your BS around on. May I suggest CNN…. you’d fit right in.

  • Anonymous

    How can they attack themselves for goodness sake

  • NaySayer

    I am not interested in fighting any war in any part of the world outside the U.S. for any reason.

    Unless we get actively invaded, I will not support any war. False flags to enrage the American sheeple into war don’t count.

    I don’t care about Syria and I don’t care about Isreal. They can fight their own battles.

  • NIX


  • Ed_B

    “Central Bankers Will Attack ISIS and The Assad Regime”

    Then it would be a good strategy to fund BOTH sides, let them fight it out, and when they are both weakened from their exertions, take them BOTH out.

    The Kurds seem to be better fighters than these ISIS buttheads. Arming them will go a LONG way towards getting rid of ISIS. But then, that might not accomplish the goal of bombing Syria.

    Funny how the Iranians are so quiet on all this ISIS stuff. One would think that they would be fighting them on the battlefield. Or is shooting off their mouths all they do?

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