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Cannabis Continues to Eradicate Disease Despite Efforts to Suppress It

by Paul Fassa, Natural Society:

Big Pharma would suffer a severe financial blow if something natural was allowed to be used for a wide array of health problems. The medical mafia would lose a grip on its treatment tyranny, and all the auxiliary wings of the cancer industry would lose their businesses raising money for “cancer cures” from Big Pharma, even as many already do exist outside the Medical Mafia matrix. This is especially true when it comes to the highly vilified plant – cannabis.

But this whole episode of hemp and marijuana suppression shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It appears the roots of oppression were in early 20th Century America, when John D. Rockefeller established allopathic medical education and certification for the benefit of his burgeoning pharmaceutical and oil empires.

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1 comment to Cannabis Continues to Eradicate Disease Despite Efforts to Suppress It

  • DaveL

    TIME for civil, or uncivil disobedience to become the RULE, NOT THE EXCEPTION. Screw the MEDICAL, PHARMACEUTICAL, GOVERNMENTAL LAWS AND PROTOCOLS when it comes to “saving lives” from the “voodoo torture system” that is the PROTOCOL CANCER TREATMENT in this country.

    THEY are ONLY interested in PROFIT…individual life is meaningless to these life sucking vampires!

    A CURE, is not profitable. Especially not a “natural one”.

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