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BREAKING: Special Ops Deployed to Ferguson

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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2 comments to BREAKING: Special Ops Deployed to Ferguson

  • mangrove

    If anyone’s been following the Sgt. Dan Page / CNN psyop that The Black Child exposed yesterday, then check this out. It’s sort of a victory for truth, since Dan Page was a duplicitous traitor (talking to Oathkeepers in 2012, then being part of the CNN staged event in Ferguson). But look how CNN tries to distance itself and how Dan Page ends up the sacrificial lamb (probably to reappear when the people start to be rounded up — I mean, he’s a contract killer after all).

    CNN, we see through your bullshit too:

    CNN FALLOUT: Dan Page FIRED after Black Child Expose’

  • Dan Page is either a total liar, telling the truth or part of some government (or fbi agent/informant out there to cook up cases against the dummies, the gullible or just plain innocent people). Watch the videos. If he is lying about his experience in re: 9/11 as to a colonel flying into Bosnia, showing a group of special forces a presentation that had the photo listing of each of the 19 9/11 hijackers a month before 9/11 happened then he falls into either the liar category or the liar and a person conducting psyops, sting ops for the military/fed gov.?

    P.S. Question, either way how do you like your slavery?

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