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Believe Us or Not?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

One our readers sent the following comment in. His “comment” is first then followed by my comment back to him. The “comment” raised my blood pressure and I am offended because he “hoped” I was not writing what I write for a “paycheck.” First off, why shouldn’t Bill Holter receive a paycheck? Does “Joe” go to work each morning for free? Would he ever “give” his work away without any compensation?

“You gold and silver people have led us this far. I sure hope all your professing is not just to sell more coins. I do not think it is. If it is you know it. And to me if your talk is just about Bill Holter making a living selling coins I would be very sad. As much as GATA we trust you! I’m sure it is not! Remember every word you and Andy speak holds the financial lives of many. This is getting very very serious.”

My response:

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1 comment to Believe Us or Not?

  • Eric

    Go to the ATM. Withdraw $300 in crumpled old faded “federal reserve notes” in denominations of 20.

    Then go look at your stack of silver.

    Which is more valuable?

    If you said the crumpled old paper, you’re an idiot.

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